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Look at me … I´m Betty Boop!

Me again *waves* Have to come back *takes a breathe* … have something really great and cute for you 🙂

A & K Design´s owner Adrianna Marquez is celebrating her RL birthday … and guess, what? Yeah, there are freebies! So, when you tp over to grab your goodies, be nice girls, please 🙂 Say “Happy Birthday, and thank you for the freebies!” And now … *mommy mode off* … here we are with Betty Boop Avatar , Sexy in Fishnet black, birthday hat and birthday shirt!

I´m totally in love with Betty Boop Avatar(and I never ever wear another shape than mine!) Look at the face, how cute is this? 🙂 You get what you see … shape, skin, hair, shoes, outfit ….. !

If you join A & K Designs group (use the search, phrase “A&K) you also get the lovely Brina Babydoll and the great Caine Oufit.

2 gift bags are at the entrance, the others are next/on the table with birthday cakes and … Luftballons (use your dictionary, please *LOL*)

Finally, I´m off … playing Betty Boop :-)))



Hm, a post without title doesnt mean it is a post without freebies *LOL* My apologizes, but I couldn´t think of a better title!

At first let me show IVALDE´s lovely skin group gift (step into Ivalde`s store, wear your group tag, the skin is next the sewing machine). Shown here is my favorite Violante skin in golden bisque (comes also in light bisque, mocha and rose beige!).

Stupid me forgot to show you the cute camp item in BURT LAUNDRY´s store!! I was so concentrated to find the free Polaroid HUD …. *sighs* So I went back, took a seat and … voila! … after sitting for 15 minutes I was prowd owner of pants 01 by Burt Laundry 🙂 I´m so glad that I´m always young and beautiful in SL because I couldn´t wear these pretty girlie shorts in RL …. oh dear me, never *giggles*

Next we have a group gift (subscribe-o-matic) from SWEETER THAN CANDY. I´m sure you already know this shop and Candace Morgwain, the generous and talented designer! Go to the store (there´s a gift box with free “strapped heels lavender” too) and touch the subscribe-o-matic, go to History, it´s the first message. Again it´s a very generous gift, and of course a wonderful gift: Double Layered Tee and Jeans, Aqua Blue Polo and Dark Wood Wedges in forest 🙂 Now I´m happy … I still can wear jeans and tees and sandals iRL AND I still look Sweeter Than Candy wearing such outfits :-))) I don´t care about my hubby`s moaning “come on, cutie! you are goodlooking for an old lady but …. honestly, looking sweeter than candy!???” Pheew, he has no idea! 😉

At Last Stand Animations there´s a nice free pose. Take your time to try the new released skirt poses as well as all other available poses. They aren´t free but great!

Last but not least there´s a hunt (tiny black/white boxes) at AnnaH`s new store. My finds shown here are “I Feel Sexy Pose”, Sarah Mini Shorts black and Dulce Shirt green. There are more goodies hidden. Don´t forget to check out the backyard, it´s a bit messy but worth a closer look, and don´t oversee the cheapies pictured on the wall 🙂

That´s it for today, already 11 p.m in my time zone …. I´m off for a nice virtual walk with my dogs 🙂

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Quickie: 4you5 – Elemiah Designs

Thanks to Elemiah Choche, designer and owner of Elemiah Designs, George5 82, 247, 21, for letting me know of her limited time freebie instore 🙂

I hope (not sure!) it is available until Monday, August 18th …. message is dated yesterday, yesterday was Saturday …. dress is free for 3 days …. uuuuhmmm….. do you know what??? GO NOW :-)))))

4you5 comes with cute pants and top, neat slippers and a black skirt, too. Worn without the skirt you have a “naughty-in-a-nice-way” lingerie (and you have to match it with the slippers to get the right naughty touch *smiles”).

Have a great Sunday, and don´t be too naughty, please 🙂