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Just a quick post because my RL is a bit hectic today … I read about the VELVET hunt on one of my favorite blogs German Style 🙂

The hunt ends today (Sunday 8/17) at 12 midnight. You have to look for pink bags AND pink boxes! I´m not sure how many boxes are there. I only did a quick search and found 2 boxes (0 Linden) with amazing dresses by ZAARA and THE CRYSTAL QUEENDOM.

The hair I wear along with ZAARA`s lovely “freespirit dress” is Jenna by Dernier Cri (not free).

The other hair I matched with CRYSTAL QUEENDOM´s gorgeous “Chanel`e dress” is the 1 Linden-hair by C&H Candy House.

In both pics I´m wearing Stilleto Pumps 66 colors by UNIQUE NEEDS. They are simply great! Easy to tint and versatile! And still there for free 🙂

Here`s your tp to Velvet! Have fun 🙂

Author: hsm


8 thoughts on “Quickie: VELVET HUNT

  1. Watch out for one owned by Maxamillion March in the gift box store. It is set to L100. Rather cheeky i think if it is deliberate considering there is nothing in it


  2. Note to add after having spoken with hiim it WS deliberately set to L100 :/


  3. oh NOOOOO after even reading about it.. I didn’t see it was set to 100– weird because I noticed I spent some lindens I didn’t have.. man I feel totally ripped off. I will make a complaint.. because there was nothing in the bag and it didn’t even warn me.. when I did it, it was set to 0.. it said 0.. had that happened to me 3 months ago, I would have been totally wiped out.. that was a very bad buisness practice on Maximilian March.


  4. Uuuhm …. hm, not sure … but I think what you´ve found wasn´t a gift box from the hunt …. M.March is SELLING gift boxes in his/her store


  5. It was a box with the velvet Sim style..on a shelf.. I thought it was a free, I clicked on it not seeing anything set to anything other than free, and was disappointed that it had nothing..

    I only noticed later that my account said I had spent any money.. which puzzled me and I found I had paid Mazimilian March 100 from my SL account records. That was just weird. Because It was, free..thats how it got me.

    Had I notice I was paying someone, it would have been easy, but it was not set like that as far as I recall.. and I was jumping about on a pogo stick at the time..so maybe I missed something.. but the boxes at velvet were either hearts (Bianca F) or boxes which were pink with the velvet logo on them…


  6. Hazel, you are correct, after examining what I got, it was in fact a gift box shaped just like all the boxes that were part of the giveaway at the Velvet Hunt its 17 prims to leave as a gift for someone you put the object in it.. it is transferable, comes with instructions, and it is modifyable but no copy.. I would have liked it to be a real gift box with a real gift box inside of it that did not say Velvet on it. Maybe I retexture it and give it to a friend for his birthday? But still, 17 prims! (not to mention that sneaky 100 linden fee)


  7. aaaaw, AlterEgo … so sorry! Don´t jump while hunt! 😉

    What you can do is – as said – retexture the box and give it someone as a present. What you can say is: my dear/love/whoever … this is a very, very special gift for you! First: it has 17 prims, imagine!17 prims! I had a hard time to find it, jumping around like crazy! Second: I had to spend all my money to buy you this very, very special gift box. Therefore, all I can put into the box is my love/friendship (or anything else one cannot touch/see – but be careful with things one cannot touch/see but SMELL, got me? Shit happens, take it easy :-))



  8. Awe you are so nice!! Great attitude!!! Thanks for that laugh! 🙂 *hugs back to Hazel*