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LEMANIA INDIGO – FALLIN FOR THE 40`s – Hunt & PreRelease

Thanks to Summer Loon (I think she´s a kind of fairy goodmother *smiles*) who surprised me with an amazing gift designed by Lemania Indigo, and … no, let´s keep it short and sweet! Here´s what the notecard says ….. my pics …… and  big thanks to Lemania Indigo:

“Fallin for the 40’s” Hunt and Pre-Release

AUGUST 15th to AUGUST 20th


Thank you all for being such great customers and as my thanks I have a new hunt. Collect all the APPLES scattered all over my sim – there are 15 in all as this is a very detailed outfit. PLUS 5 Additional APPLES as gifts! The 15 Apples includes all the fur, shoes and jewelry pictured. Is it worth the hunt? You bet!

This outfit will introduce my new fall collection – “FALLIN FOR THE 40’s” which is located in the SEASONS building!

ALSO! I HAVE MARKED DOWN 10 Dresses in the MAIN BUILDING and the HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD down to 100L Each only for the duration of the hunt.

This is a 5 day hunt so that everyone can get a chance to grab the sale items and get this lovely outfit for a total of 15L.

I love it so much and fall colors are a big favorite of mine.

Start here to see what you will be getting and for the 1st APPLE!!

Lemania Indigo Design & Divine, S Crystal Springs 87, 35, 22

Enjoy the hunt!



(I will be closing the sim on the evening of August 14th and not to be opened until I send the notices)

Like what you see? 🙂 I do! A lot!

I know it isn´t a freebie ….. but your 15 Linden are well spent 🙂

For those of you who prefer our usual pics I´ve added thumbnails *smiles*


NOT FREE Skin: RetroPinUp Tan-Rita by FRICK! Skins, Blackmount 100, 137, 234

Hair: le salon Anna May in craven by comme il fault, Shubelik 61, 167, 701 (FORMER GROUP GIFT)

Polaroid HUD (big & small) by Burt Laundry, Omotesando 119, 188, 32 (FREE AND STILL AVAILABLE)

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Yak and Yeti.. for men

Yak and Yeti has a couple of nice outfits for men. The outfits for women have been blogged in FabFree already, not it’s time for the guys to learn about the super cool clothes being offered there.

Inside the shop, toward the back, are a few full outfits for men as well as some really nice necklaces, teeshirts, and pants. I really like the Tai Chi suit, and think I’ll keep this for my female self. And..um.. Hawk.. if you’re reading this, run over to Yak and Yeti and pick up a Tai Chi suit, mmkay?

When you pick up the Tai Chi outfit don’t forget to grab the Fisherman’s Shirt too. The textures on both of these outfits are very nice.

E. Watkins Equestrian Supplies has a FREE Animation Overrider for men. The ‘stand’ pose I’ve used below are from this Anmation Overrider. This is a Zhao Animation Overrider, so you are able to load it with additional animations and poses you pick up along the way. I picked up a freebie Zhao AO when I first joined Second Life.. and I’m still using it.

The hair I’m showing was part of a gift pack from House of Heart. HoH gives out free hairstyle samples frequently at a kiosk inside the shop. Teleport to the shop, then walk ahead and to your left to the kiosk in the other room. Touch the kiosk, and several samples of new hairstyles now belong to you.

The skin is from MMSkins and is from a sample pack of skins from the Zero skin line when it was first introduced. I don’t believe that the free sample pack is still available.

Yak and Yeti: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hidden%20Beach%20Island/67/188/58
E. Watkins Equestrian Supplies: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Haddath/167/29/37
House of Heart: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Escape/103/87/24

Total cost for all this great stuff?
Absolutely nothing!

Happy Hunting!