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Lucky Simco!

There are tons of freebies for the both guys and girls at SIMco and Dawn Designs! You wont have to drop a single linden for any of these items. All the gifts can be found in the entry way of the stores. Inside the stores you will find lucky chairs crammed with wonderful stuff for the ladies.

I’ll start with the guys, cause you often get left out. Everything shown is free for the taking. So guys, you get two skin, two shapes, hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. You will find camo pants, a brown ducky shirt, and black grudge boots in one box marked for aviators under 30 days. But as you can see under 30 days doesn’t necessarily mean under 30 days, since I was able to grab them. The black sneakers, denim jeans, black muscle shirt, V-neck black shirt, skin, and hair are another one of the other presents you can get by joining the group. My favorite group outfit for the men is the brownchained pants and the white arrow long sleeve shirt.

Ladies, we get more but don’t gloat. There is at least four beautiful skins, several shapes (which I didn’t show because I feel much more comfortable in my own shape), tons of eyes, four different hair styles, and beautiful clothes and shoes. The tan and white plaid skirt and white tank is part of the under 30 day pack, but as with the under 30 men’s gift I was able to snag this as well. The white booty shorts and shirt came with the amazing black thigh high boots. The green tube top is hidden amongst a ton of breathtaking eyes. The blue butterfly mini dress and silver slides are part of a group gift from Simco. The blue dress and white shaw are another group gift for the ladies.

Also, there are many lucky chairs at Simco where the ladies can get more yummy outfits! Some of the many items you can win in the lucky chairs are the denim capri pants with a red tank, red silk “Pearls” micro-dress, black sexy stomper heels, silver arm wraps, blood red and black stud skirt and button up tank, blue/grey lace up Alice heels, silver link arm wraps, purple ribbed sweater, simple tight blue jeans, navy blue Anette mini skirt and jacket top, navy blue Anette longer skirt and short tank, dark blue Accented ballet slippers, tan and white plaid skirt and off the shoulder white tank, violet closed toe Business pumps, white webbed out mini dress, Veronica purple dress, dark denim capri, black leather pants and blue latex lace-up top and much more!

*SIMco and Dawn Designs: Group Gifts, Under 30 day Gifts, and Lucky Chairs (L$0)
Watersedge Rookery Cove ( 95/161/31 )