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Mission #1: The Gnubie Store – Niobe Moomintoog

The following blog was written by Niobe Moomintoog:

While I got all the clothes at the Gnubie Store in Powder Mill(http://slurl.com/secondlife/Powder%20Mill/121/142/34), I’ve attached SLURLS to the designers’ shops. The dress and stockings are by Triangle Caudron (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Glam%20World/74/17/25) ($0L). There’s a Goth quality to the dress but the drapey neck and flowy skirt make the outfit soft. The necklace is by Cellardoor Fallingwater of Shiny Things and adds a touch of naturalness to the outfit (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shiny%20Falls/170/180/37). ($0L) The hair is by Crystyle Bukowski of Pudge and is called Gina at the Opera (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Endicott/165/18/130) ($1L).

The skin and shoes aren’t from the Gnubie store, but they are still freebies. The skin is called Innocence and is available from Bare Rose (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bare%20Rose/188/24/30) ($0L) and the black stilettos I picked up at the Free Dove store(http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gallii/113/53/33) ($0L). Overall I like this outfit because, although it appears a bit hard at first, it’s actually quite feminine.

The photograph was taken at the beautiful SL Botanical Garden (http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Botanical%20Gardens/154/48/30).

Mission #2 & #3 Instructions

You can still submit entries for Mission #1 but I have added Mission #2 & Mission #3 in the hopes to get some guys represented.

Mission #2: Favorite Outfit from The Free Dove

Mission #3: Favorite Outfits from combining both The Gnubie Store and The Free Dove.

When you have the outfit you like and have taken a pictures of it, post it on our Flickr photostream with “For FabFree: Mission #2” or “For FabFree: Mission #3″in the description. Our Flickr photostream is located at http://www.flickr.com/groups/fabfreesl/.

Please try to include in the desciption:
1. What you are wearing?
2. What designers made each piece(slurl if possible)?
3. What was the cost? (Some items are the Gnubie store are free and some are $1L)

I will take our favorites and post them on the blog with full credit to you.

Free Dove:

Gnubie Store:
Powder Mill(84,142,44)

I want to thank all of those with fabulous submissions so far.


Mission #1: The Gnubie Store – AlterEgoTrip Svenska Part 2

The following blog was written by AlterEgoTrip Svenska:

……say you are very new, or say you have just bought into SL and got a very hefty bill where your lindens are now in the negative.. does that mean no fun shopping?

Absolutely NOT.. this is one of many outfits and ideas I have come up with for absolutely 0 linden, no exceptions!

All of the following items can be found at the Gnubie Store: Powder Mill(84,142,44)l:

Hair: Scalpted, Licorice, Gritty Kitty- Noam Sprocket 2 floor Powder Mill 0 Lindens.

Skin: Another Skin Rf0, Eloh Eliot, 3rd Floor The Gnubie Shop at Powder Mill, 0 Lindens. Another Shape Remix ” Female Musican” Shape remix, With Rc Eyes, and eyebrow, Eloh Eliot, 3rd Floor The Gnubie Shop at Powder Mill. 0 Lindens

Sweater: Spider Jacket, Canimal Zephyr 3rd Floor The Gnubie Shop at Powder Mill- 0 Lindens.

Feather Boa, feather trim (not a part of the Canimal Design) From the Freebie Debutant hat and boa- by Rebel Hope, 2nd Floor The Gnubie Shop at Powder Mill- cost of entire outfit – 0 Lindens!

Shirt. Coral Dress (top only because I have a skirt glitch problem) by Toast Bard- “fasionably dead” 1st Floor The Gnubie Shop at Powder Mill- 0 Lindens.

Trousers and Gloves: Koumori “dusk” Hyasynth Tiramisu (Silent Sparrow) 3rd Floor The Gnubie Shop at Powder Mill- O – Lindens.

Shoes- Platforms “Deadly Nightshades freebies for Boyz” (one of my favorite packages to this very day!) by Jennyfur Peregrine, Flipper Peregine 2nd Floor The Gnubie Shop at Powder Mill, 0 lindens for the whole pack of various trousers, t shirts and other stylish things that are not only great for boys but wonderful for girls!

Car “Aimee Weber’s Car” Freebie by Jai Nomad 2nd balcony The Gnubie Shop at Powder Mill FREE or 0 Lindens, which ever you think fits;)

Earrings and necklace (both hard to see here!) Casual Pearls in Copper (comes in various shades including black, gold, silver and copper) by Miriel Enfield 2nd Floor The Gnubie Shop at Powder Mill, 0 Lindens

Face Lamp- Forseti Svarog 1st Floor The Gnubie Shop at Powder Mill, 0 Lindens