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My Computer is in a Coma: A Mission for You

I am having some computer issues. My computer is dead and I am using my husband’s computer which apparently hates SL. I don’t get how his computer can run EVE but not SL(bandwidth, I know). I talked with Scotti last night about ideas until I can get all set again. Basically, I cannot really get into SL without crashing. It looks like I have to send my laptop off to Dell and wait for them to return it.

In the mean time, if you choose to take on mission #1. I am looking for your favorite outfits from pieces collected at the Gnubie Store.

When you have the outfit you like and have taken a pictures of it, post it on our Flickr photostream with “For FabFree: The Gnubie Store” in the description. Our Flickr photostream is located at http://www.flickr.com/groups/fabfreesl/.

Please try to include in the desciption:
1. What you are wearing?
2. What designers made each piece(slurl if possible)?
3. What was the cost? (Some items are the Gnubie store are free and some are $1L)

I will take our favorites and post them on the blog with full credit to you.

Gnubie Store:
Powder Mill(84,142,44)

I want to thank the girls for being understanding about this and thank you all so much for your patience. I know some of you tried to help me earlier last week the computer started acting up.



BAIASTICE Gifts – Grand Opening & Hunt

“New Baiastice Sim Opening!

You are cordially invited to the Grand Opening of the brand new BAIASTICE Sim. Thursday 10th July at 12am PDT/SLT.
Music provided by Baiastice face 2008 Giela Delpaso, who will be playing some 80’s 90’s and dance music and will be giving some hints for the hunting !!!
-More than 20 Baiastice new releases for day and night.
– J&J Skin – Pupa Evolution special price
– Behavior Body – Poses & Animations
– Stiletto Moody Shoes – New Store
– and a BIG HUNT !!!!
– FREE and Exclusive items released only to share this special openning with all of you:
20 special gifts including dresses, accessories, skins and poses hidden on the whole sim. Come get yours !!! Thank you, enjoy, and hope to you see you this Thursday!!”

Well, that´s what the notecard says, and it sounds fantastic 🙂 20 small, golden “boxes” are hidden over the whole sim for only a week. Please, remove all attachments like AO, sexy walk, facelight and so on to reduce lag! I only managed to find 2 boxes (right click and buy for 0 Linden). You have to look high and low, inside the store and outside too, and use your cameras. I found Old America (top, pants, flexi skirt, flexi transparent skirt and hat) and Pop Flower 🙂

Here´s your tp to Baiastice New Fashion Mainstore, Baiastice 152, 126, 5.

I didn´t receive only the invitation but also Blu Breeze (comes with pants and top both on 2 layers, gloves, and a belt in 3 sizes) as an amazing gift 🙂 Baiastice`s July gifts instore are this time 3 avatars: Mary Jane 5 years old, Mary Jane 15 years old and Mary Jane 25 years old. Shape, skin, hair, accessoires, clothes … all included! Freebie area is inside the store and there are still other freebies available.

To receive Blu Breeze and Leo Dress as a group gift you have to join the group ***Baiastice***by Sissy Pessoa. Go to search, choose tab “groups”, use the phrase baiastice, it´s the first choice. Join the group for free, go to the notices, the one dated 7/1/2008 is the July gift (Leo Dress). The other dated 7/10/2008 is the opening gift (Blu Breeze). Click “open attachment”. You are now proud owner of 2 boxes from Baiastice. Unpack your boxes (they should be in your object folder) ……. enjoy and Happy Hunting!

UPDATE: Starry Sky Festival Freebs @ iTutu / ONE / Bedizen

Quickie: The gifts from Tanabata Starry Sky Festival @ iTutu are still available and there are a few more goodies added as rubber boots and glasses (says the Fashcon notice). There was no “deadline” announced but you better go now if you want to own a cute Starlit Swimsuit by KAO (bikini, free), prayer bracelet&earring set by :sey (free), FA Normal Hair/3 color set (darksilver, darkness blue, neo black – free), FA Normal Hair for Newbies 3 color set (deep red, platinum blond, sweet brown – 3 sizes, free) and a lovely Star Camisole by aN (dollarbie). Click the tp-sign in front of you at your landingpoint (your map will be opened, click “teleport”). There´s one booth with freebies and other booths with normal prized stuff.

Katerina Kirax was so kind to let me know about her new store Bedizen @ The Monkey Mall, Dindrane Elfor 207, 177, 49 (thanks and congrats, Katerina!). There are more small shops with freebies, have a look! Bedizen is upstairs and 3 dollarbie shirts are pictured on the wall inside the shop. I show you Catalina Cropped Tee and Mara Revisited. Very well done tops, I like them 🙂

Ways ago Claire Harford (owner of Symphony Skins, see former post) dropped me a pair of great jeans including a tutorial how to make them yourself using GIMP. You can get the jeans incl. tutorial for 1 Linden at ONE – 1 L and Freebie Shop, Hot Silly Peppers Lab, Afton 114, 179, 124. ONE is a great place with many freebies and dollarbies! While there I grabbed the pretty Fashion Doll Tops (music red, pink butterfly, white flowers – free) by Kryptonia Paperdoll.

Once again I´m wearing Rockberry`s Newbie Skin ( 1 L) and this time you can see the cute butterfly tattoo and the “rockberry tattoo” on the back!

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Dresses, Dresses, and more Dresses at Elemiah Design & Lingerie

If you havent gone to Elemiah Design & Lingerie you should go now!

The Toupie dress is 1L and comes in five different colors for the skirt. You can get this with the white, red, blue, black, or purple skirt. The bracelets I am wearing are from a dollarbie box under the black chandelier at Elemiah Design & Lingerie.

I couldn’t decide which shoes to wear with this dress, but I found the perfect pair at Shoe Fly Shoes. The Black Gladiator Strapped Knee boots from Shoe Fly Shoes are normally 450L, but with the 400L gift card that I won from the premium chair the boots were only 50L. The prizes from the premium chairs at Shoe Fly Shoes can only be won if you are a group member and you have the store listed in your picks. Recently Latex Knee High boots in black and white have been added to the Premium chairs. These boots were recently retired so the only place you can get them is from the premium chairs, which is just another reason to join this group.

My hair is called Alyssa from Gurl6 and is only 1L. I am wearing a version of the Mellie3 cream tone skin from Blowpop with makeup, but you can get the simply nekkid jumbo pack of skin tones for free.

The 4you1 pink and blue outfits are both priced at 1L and are with several other free and almost free gifts under the black chandelier. Under the Black chandelier there are two free, three dollarbie boxes, and one 10L gift. The black strapped heels with the clear base are 150L from Shoe Fly Shoes. These heels ended up being free when I used the 200L gift card from the welcome gift on the counter by the register. There are some very cute and comical shirts in the box as well.

The Baby Gurl and Midnight dresses are dollarbies in the discount area of Elemiah Design & Lingerie, plus there are three other dresses in the same area listed at 10L.

The upstairs area of Elemiah Design & Lingerie has a 50% off sale going on. Plus there is a lucky chair and a camping chair in the store as well! I am definitely camping out for the adorable red outfit in the camping chairs next time I sort through my inventory. The lucky chair has lingerie and a dress in it. I haven’t won yet, but maybe if you girls get down there then my letter will come up faster!

*Elemiah Design & Lingerie: Toupie dress ($1L), Bracelets ($0L),
George5 ( 44/213/21 )

*ShoeFly Shoes: ($400L gift card from Premium Chair),
Greystone ( 219,220,89 )

*Gurl 6: alyssa ($1L)
GuRLyWood ( 137/72/33 )

*Skin Within: Fiction Eyes ($0L group gift)
Skin Within ( 116/67/28 )

*Blowpop: *blowpop* Mellie3 [simply nekkid] Jumbopack (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 235,171,36 )