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Pig`s Kick Closet


Hopefully, there´s enough space in your inventories for tons of cute … funny … colored … girlie stuff 🙂

Do a search in groups for the group named “Pig`s Kick Closet” (creator of all item is Rin Paine, I couldn´t figure out a main store). Use the phrase “pig kick”, it´s the only choice. Join the group for free and go to the notices. I didn´t count the notices (they are numbered) but every single notice has an attachment. It´s up to you (and your poor inventory) how often you want to click “open attachement“! And it´s hard work to unpack all items once you are proud owner of zillion boxes with lovely clothes from Rin Paine 🙂

I can´t show all camis, tube tops, tees and so on. That would be ways too much. And all items come on several layers and in several colors, too! Shown are:

No27 CrashCheckShortPT pink and white – No10 BelLipstickCami silver – No6 RobeSpinCami white – No23 MadStarTee pink- No33 DollCatDressTee blue – No7 BlackSugarSocks short/long – No16 MixedBoundaryCami white – No28 GirliesSweetBearCami green – No35 GradationBorderLT purple – No25 KumaTee white – No18 OhanaEthnicalTubeTop pink – No3 FruitPanelCami orange – No26 CottonEmbroideredCami white- No22 ThickCheckCami (incl.Day&NightSocks brown) – No17 OhanaKnitTubeTop brown – No14 ShortCakeTubeTop pear – No31 MadRabbitTee

You will be busy hours by hours with all those amazing group gifts but perhaps you can spare a few minutes … than head over to White Clover, Toyota 31, 44, 26, and grab the cute Mikan pigtail01 hair in black (comes in 2 sizes) for 1 Linden. Your next tp goes to Rockberry, Scaramanga 5, 42, 66. There´s a big ad on the wall showing the lovely Rockberry Newbie Skin (comes with tattoo) also for 1 Linden.

Black Shorts are part of a group gift from 3Cupcakes (Mimi Coral) To join the group you have to pay 250 Linden.

Brown Getups (boots) are a Lucky Chair prize from Copycat Don`t Get It Twisted.

Converse [Danger] are 25 Linden (only the red framed pair!) from :::LiNe:::

Author: hsm


11 thoughts on “Pig`s Kick Closet

  1. Searched in groups and in the creator’s profile but I cannot find the group to join.


  2. Hazel, you look stunning. You should keep that hair. It’s too cute!


  3. TY for the gorgeous Hi Rez Photos


  4. All the outfits are so nice.I even love the hairsyle also..


  5. Searched for group like suggested “pig kicks” then by user name and couldn’t find it. =(


  6. Lois, try it exactly like this: pigs kick


  7. Hey, glad you like the style and my pics, thank you 🙂

    @ Lois:
    Please, go to search, click “all” tab, choose “groups” from the drop down menue, type in the words pig kick, you will get a single result: Pig`s Kick Closet. Done, and it works 🙂


  8. cute funny colored girlie stuff is SO me (and looks fantastic on you too). Thanks Rin! It’s like christmas.And the skin looks great.


  9. hey 🙂
    i searches everywhere but nothing. i think she took the group out of search for a reason. 😦


  10. Although I am not there, Lynaja, try this. Go to people search and looked up Hazel(Homewood). Look at her groups. Find the one that says “Member of ..:*:..Pig’s Kick Closet..:*:..” and click that until the group information comes up. Then you should be able to join the group if membership is still open.


  11. Hazel, tnks for the tip. I’m agreat fan of Fablously Free in SL.

    SL has ben laggy, but group search was easy, I searched as “pig’s kick”. Not easy to spot on the results list, ’cause the group’s name DOESN’T START WITH “P”, but with asteriscs and dots.

    They should have a store to sell, ’cause their clothing is great! I’ll wear the knit top to attend the hippie Love Festival next weekend…

    Again, thanks!