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Happy Independance Day USA!

Before I begin this post I must take the opportunity to say a special thanks to all the troops abroad and at home. I have several SL friends who are in the military. Soon, one of my dear SL friends will be leaving deploying overseas for what he refers to as the “the desert”. Mack, take care of your self and yes I will still be around when you get back.

Now shall we talk about freebies?

These red ribboned confetti capri’s are 1L at The Cute Institute and the tank top is from a box of five patriotic camisoles from Second Wave. The festive sparkler is free from LVS & CO.

I figured I might need some sexy swim wear to bring in the holiday. The first Bikini is a dollarbie from LVS & CO. All American SlingShot Bikini is a dollarbie from Sweet Nothings. The girl next door Patriot Bikini is 1L from Bella. The red stripe bikini top and blue star bikini bottoms are free from BBEBN Fashions. With the swimsuits I am wearing free US Independence day Bangles from Ephemeral Creations. The US Independence Day Sandals are a dollarbie from She’s So Unusual Shoes.

These cute tank tops from Second Wave went perfectly with my favorite Fetch Alternative cuffed shorts. The Cami tanks are in box of five. The combat boots are another dollarbie that can be found by the poolside at LVS & CO. The flexi Independence Ruffle Top is a dollarbie from Crush Factory.

The blue Patriotic Lady Skirt, top, shoes, and stockings come packaged together in a 10L box at Peeps. I am wearing a free 4th of July hair antenna band from Seasonal Spirit. The second sexy skirt outfit is 1L at ALI Couture. The Patriotic Guy outfit is also 10L at Peeps and comes with the shirt, tie, and denim jeans. The shape, skin, and hair for the male aviator was from a 15 minute camping chair at Relance. The low waist patriotic flag jeans and Blue checked mid-drift I am wearing is from Naughty Sweet. The Red flag 4th of July dress is free from Sun Design (it is suppose to be a dress but the system skirt would not corporate so I am wearing it as a skirt outfit). I have on Patriotic Sunglasses from Role Optics. These have patriotic animation and sound and are a must have for any Independence Day celebration. The sexy Silver Super Strappy Heels Free with the 200L Gift Cards for Shoe Fly Shoes group members.

After the party is over you can tempt your man with this free Patriot Corset Lingerie from Second Wave. I might wear this outfit in a few months when Halloween rolls around too, because I felt a bit like Wonder Woman.

21st Century Statue of Liberty… The skin I have on in this picture above is a group gift from Style Your Destiny. The Statue of Liberty torch and Crown is a freebie from House of Hearts. The tattoos are from Bella, there are two different boxes of patriotic star tattoos available. The hair I have on in all the pictures is from Magika and is called Anti Sicssors. The hair can be found at Savior Hair. The Adhira Skins and Fiction eyes I have on in all the other photos are Skin Within group gifts.

*The Cute Institute: Red Confetti Capri’s ($1L)
Rawktacular (162/61/34)

*Second Wave: Box of five Patriotic Cami ($0L), Patriot Corset Lingerie ($0L)
Plush Omicron (161/204/22)

*LVS & CO: Free Bee Finder ($1L), Fourth of July Combat Boots($1L), American Girl Bikini ($1L), Sparkler ($0L)
Cassiopeia Isle (171/21/23)

Linda (209/99/22)

*Bella: Patriot Bikini ($1L), Patriot Starry Swirl Tattoo ($1L), Patriot TriStar Tattoo ($1L),
Electra (173/88/66)

*BBEBN Fashions: 4th July Bikini ($0L)
Watersedge Aotearoa Bay (241/248/23)

*Ephemeral Creations: US Independence day Bangles ($0L)
Noul (227/205/651)

*She’s So Unusual Shoes: US Independence Day Sandals ($1L)
Unusual Isle (109/87/27)

*Fetch Alternative: Cuffed Shorts (L$0)
Angeldust (163,154,396)

*Crush Factory: Independence Ruffle Top ($1L)
Rawktacular (102/57/33)

*Peeps: Patriotic Lady or Patriotic Guy ($10L)
Bayou (185/133/23)

*ALI Couture: Flag Jeans USA – extreme low waist Jeans($1L)
Agapema (17/143/29)

*Naughty Sweets: Flag Jeans USA – extreme low waist Jeans($0L)
Sugar City (40/74/25)

*SunDesign: 4th of July Dress ($0L)
Sherwood Isles (145/16/22)

*Seasonal Spirit: 4th July hair band ($0L)
Sunset Commerce (202/244/194/601)

*Role Optics: Three patriotic Sun Glasses with Animation and Sound ($0L)
Concetta (123/87/301)

*ShoeFly Shoes: Silver Super Strappy Heels Free with the 200L Gift Cards for group members (L$0)
Greystone ( 219,220,89 )

*House of Heart: Liberty Crown & Torch ($0L)
Tropical Escape(128,68,24)

*Relance: Male Aviator, hair, and shape (15 minute camping chair)
Clothing (20/42/37)

*SYD: Style Your Destiny: Vampiress – patriotic ($0L group gift)

*Skin Within: Group Gift – Adhira Skins and Fiction Eyes ($0L group gift)
Skin Within ( 116/67/28 )

*Savior Hair: Anti Sicssors – Magika Hair ($0L)
Granymyr ( 194/133/28 )

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Happy 4th of July!

Over at Wilted Rose there are several dollarbies for the 4th of July. There is hair for men and women, a bikini, and a jewelry set located inside the main entrance. Now head to the second floor of the mall area and go into Something Different where there is a free jewelry set for the 4th of July. I did change the hand the bracelets were on because of the torch.

Over at House of Heart is a free Liberty crown and torch. They are located on either side of the customer service desk. Over at Second Wave Apparel there is a free lingerie set that is perfect for the holiday that comes with a camisole, panties and socks. Apparently there are still gifts to be hand in the old Style Your Destiny update group. She gave the group a special 4th of July skin. Do a search in groups for the group called LaynieWear/SYD Update Group. (When I do a group search I use the phrase layniewear and it is the only choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 7/2/2008 with the subject Happy 4th. Click Open Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a skin from Style Your Destiny. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives, 14 days from notice date. So hurry!

Fabulously Free in SL: Fantasy Eyes – Brown Rainbow($0L)

House of Heart: Liberty Crown & Torch($0L)
Tropical Escape(128,68,24)

Katat0nik: Leg Warm Boots – blue($0L)
Axis Mundi(114,109,24)

Second Wave Apparel: Patriotic Cami($0L)
Plush Omicron(171,220,23)

Something Different: 4th of July Ring Set($1L)
Bloom County(91,29,231)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Vampiress – patriotic($0L group gift), Eve Shape($1L)

Wilted Rose: Spunky – Independence Day($1L)
Bloom County(55,72,23)

Total Cost: $3L

Fab Cherlindrea

Owling in Aledar

Terry Toland let us know on the hotline that Realms of Aledar has added some new skins. From the landing point, you exit the boat across the plank(this area is no fly so don’t fall off) and walk up the dock. At the end of the dock to the left is a cart. On top of the cart are the Drow avatars from the first blog plus their add ons for $1L each, the Elf avatars from the second blog and a new box. This new box contains 6 different Owl Goblin skins w/ shape for $1L. Please read the notecard given out at the landing point because this is a role playing area and we need to respect their rules. I chose to use my usual shapes and edit the ears according. If you do this, be sure to make a copy of your shape first just in case. (Naked Skins Behind Cut.)