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The Look: Ganguro

This blog is going to be a little different. There was a really odd reaction to the Ganguro skin that I wore for the 4th of July blog that was about Barerose. The Ganguro skin is actually a perfect representation of what a Ganguro skin should look like. I decided to go and put together a Ganguro look using the skin as my starting base.

I headed over to GuRL 6 first because I knew that her variety of hair textures would have the perfect color I was looking for. I selected the Kaycee style for its pink bands and the color I settled on was GoldenBlonde for it subtle brownish highlights. For accessories, I headed over to Woo’s to grab the bangle set and earring set that have zebra striped with hot pink accents.

For a shirt I headed over to Marinoco Fashion and grabbed the Sweetie Pie top from their freebie wall. It was pink, sweet, and just what I was looking for. For the shorts to go with it, I headed to Coconut Ice for the butterfly shorts in the freebie pack. For the socks I headed over to Style Your Destiny and in the freebie box is a pair of multi-pink striped socks. I knew that the legwarmer boots in pink from Katat0nik would be perfect to finish the basic look.

Barerose: Ganguro Skin($0L)
Bare Rose(188,24,30)

Coconut Ice: Butterfly Shorts($0L)
Butterfly Island(140,186,27)

Fabulously Free in SL: Fantasy Eyes – Brown Rainbow($0L)

GuRL 6: Kaycee – goldenblonde($1L)

Katat0nik: Leg Warm Boots – pink($0L)
Axis Mundi(114,109,24)

Marinoco Fashion: Pink Sweetie Pie Top($0L)
Sun City(221,201,22)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Super Pink Stripey Socks($0L in freebie collection), Eve Shape($1L)

Woo’s: Hooptastic Zebra Schmebra Earrings – pink($0L), Zebra Schmebra Messy Bangles($0L)

Total Cost: $2L

Fab Cherlindrea

OC Creates the Black Dress

Betzy Bonde let us know that OC Creations has a free dress in a gift box on the floor of each entrance. Both boxes have the same dress inside so you don’t need to go hunting for the other box. The signs in the window say “dollarbie” but those items are NOT $1L so beware before you go clickity-click.

Barerose: Innocence Skin($0L)
Bare Rose(188,24,30)

Diversity: Brat – velvet($1L)

Fabulously Free in SL: Fantasy Eyes – Brown Rainbow($0L)

OC Creations: Botolo Dress – black($0L)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Tesla: Elise Mary Janes – black($0L)

Total Cost: $1L

Fab Cherlindrea


Unusual Barerose has Hatpins

She’s So Unusual Shoes has a pair of red, white, and blue sandals sitting on her front steps. They are inside a box decorated as the American Flag. The sandals cost $1L.

Barerose has swimsuits for men and for women for the 4th of July, There is a pair of men’s swimming trunks and a bikini for women that are both free. While you are there, check out all the new things since we last visited the Barerose freebie area. You might find something new.

Hatpins now has out 4th of July hats inside her store for $1L per set. There are 2 top hat sets and a straw hat set. They are all located inside the store the the right of the doorway. While you are there, located in the northeast corner are two other $1L hats, Lady Reghan II hat and Lord Douglas hat. Also, next to the lucky chair are 2 hats that are gifts for the update group. Do a search in groups for the group called Reghan’s Hats. (When I do a group search I use the phrase reghan’s and it is the only choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Now click the boxes on either side of the lucky chair and you will receive those 2 beautiful hats: Lady Phedelia in Pinks & Lady Amelia in Pinks.

Barerose: USA Flags Bikini($0L), USA Flags Swimtrunks($0L), Black Cat Updo – brown($0L), MSkin Free Goro($1L), Ganguro Skin($0L)
Bare Rose(188,24,30)

Fabulously Free in SL: Fantasy Eyes – Brown Rainbow($0L)

Hatpins: Black Top Hat w/ Flag($1L), American Top hat($1L), American Straw Hat($1L), Lady Phedelia in Pinks($0L group gift), Lady Amelia in Pinks($0L group gift)
Caledon Downs(155,139,44)

Here Comes Trouble: Warrior – black($1L)
Troubled City(246,141,25)

She’s So Unusual Shoes: Fourth of Boom Firework Sandals($1L)
Unusual Isle(109,85,27)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Taro Kitano Avatar – shape($1L), Eve Shape($1L)

Total Cost: $7L

Fab Cherlindrea