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Take a walk to the dark side… Mythec Darkside


My mood has been a bit dark and dreary lately. What to do, what to do? What else, but dress the part! So I took a walk to the dark side… the Mythec Darkside. When you enter Mythec Darkside turn to the left and you will enter a room filled with some of the sexiest gothic clothing. Everything within this side room is free! I’ve had so many people asking where they can get the black “Whisper” dress, it truly is beautiful.

I couldn’t decide which shade of hair to wear with these outfits. The dolarbie “Rockin” hair fatpack from Bewitched Hair has tons of color options. Bewitched has recently added more styles in the dollarbie and clearance room. I picked up many of these bargain styles while I was there.

While searching for the perfect shoe. I lucked out on a premium group chair at Shoe Fly Shoes. There are five regular lucky chairs, but the two premium group chairs are stuffed with prizes that can only be won by group members. The group lucky chair prizes include gift cards worth 250L to 400L and several amazing shoes. Shoe Fly Shoes specializes in sculpted shoes.  These sculpted black mid-calf walking boots that I won are absolutely gorgeous!

While at Shoe Fly Shoes don’t forget to vote for your favorite shoe by touching one of the three posters by the registers. The winning shoe will be given out as the next monthly group gift. Plus, until Friday group members can grab a free 200L gift card at the kiosk by the counter.

The skin I am wearing is from Blowpop. I can not take credit for the skin, that goes to our very own Hazel Homewood. After whining to Hazel about how much I wanted freckled skin, she found the perfect skin for me at Blowpop. There is a jumbo pack of Mellie3 simply nekkid with and without freckles. The nekkid pack is free and comes in a variety of tones. The reason I like this skin so much is because the freckles are not just on the face, but the body as well! I loved the nekkid skin so much that I had to splurge and buy a creamy version with make-up. I’ve decided that I’m going to have to save up and get all of the different looks for this Cream freckled skin tone! Many thanks to Hazel for this wonderful find!

* * * * * * * *

Mythec Darkside: Mythec Original Clothing (L$0)
Jakarta (177,50,23)

ShoeFly Shoes: Lucky Chairs & Free 200L Gift Cards for group members (L$0)
Greystone ( 219,220,89 )

Blowpop: *blowpop* Mellie3 [simply nekkid] Jumbopack (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 235,171,36 )

Bewitched Hair: Rockin it Hair ($1L)
Lemon Island ( 94,230,28 )

Author: Renee Lowenhart

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2 thoughts on “Take a walk to the dark side… Mythec Darkside

  1. Renee, yvw 🙂 Your new skin is awsome pretty!

    Oooh, and may I mention please, that Renee is the only one who´s allowed to whine at me *lol* She does it in such a charming way :-))))


  2. Love the dress, and thank you for all your help. Keep up the great work!