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Quickie: Birthday gifts from LVS&Co / Rosemar / Izumiya


Ravenlynn Templar, designer and owner of LVS & Co, Cassiopeia Isle 172, 33, 22, was celebrating her birthday yesterday. I´m too late, as usual 🙂 However. Happy Birthday, Ravenlynn! And thank you for your gifts 🙂

The gifts are still there, but hurry, I don´t know how long they will last! There are big signs around the swimming pool in front of LVS store, might be easy to see. I´m in love with Lover Sunset Dresses (available in 5 amazing colors, lovely detailed, 1 Linden each color). You have 2 options to wear this dress: short skirt and long skirt. Both are lovely! I grabbed it in blue and orange 🙂

Barcelona Sunrise 3DSuit (bikini, string bikini) comes in 7 colors, 1 Linden/color). I´m wearing the string version in pink and the other version in blue. Hot 🙂

I made up my mind and joined the Rosemar Update Group. Yes, I know, it´s not free, you have to pay 250 Linden to be a group member. But I`ve seen so many posts about the skins, there are some Rosemar freebie skins in my inventory … and they are great! So I´m sure the group fee is worth every single Linden. And of course there is a group gift, dated 6/19/2008: Creampuff Skin Freebie Makeup 6 in 12 tones! Take a look at the pics, I´m wearing it in nutmeg Freebie 6 Brow 1. Isn´t this a wonderful skin? And the generous owner of Rosemar, Rosemary Galbraith, doesn´t only make great skins but also wonderful clothes!

The cute hair style comes from IZUMIYA, it´s called Free Wet Hair. I´m wearing it in brown. It comes in blonde and dark brown, too.

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2 thoughts on “Quickie: Birthday gifts from LVS&Co / Rosemar / Izumiya

  1. She did not say the $250L for a swimsuit. The swimsuits are for $1L or where for $1L at LVS for her Birthday Bash.

    The $250L she mentioned was a fee for joining the Rosemar group which routinely gives their group free skins making this a value that many people are interested in.

    Goodness, this blog was about the wonder Birthday $1L gifts from LVS but she felt like sharing how she got her skin to keep us all informed.

    Those who did make it to LVS’s Birthday Bash know it was well worth it with so many beautiful items at just $1L.


  2. Yes! I was sure to read such a comment one day.
    Well, most of the stuff I´m blogging IS free or only 1 linden. All dresses and bikinis in this post are dollarbies.

    Rosemar wants you to pay 250 L for joining her group. Take it or leave it. But what you get is worth much more than 250 L. It´s not only a swimsuit! There a lots of skin gifts, too.

    I think it´s quite okay to pay a fee for group joining. Imagine you are a designer, your group is free to join, you are generous and there a great group gifts once or twice a month. And you see people join your group, grab the gift, leave the group, join – grab – leave and so son …… Not so nice, I think. But I know we all do it in this way becauce 25 group spots aren´t enought. And that´s not the designers fault.

    Just my 2 cents