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Pop on over to the Popfuzz Discount Shop


I did not know that Popfuzz has a discount shop where items are 25$L or less with many itmes costing 0$L. That’s right, ~insert collective gasp here~ FREE! I was exploring the sim a bit when I stumbled upon their discount shop. To get there, teleport to the Popfuzz shop, and walk to the doorway that is straight ahead. It looks like this:

Once through the doorway, the entrance to the discount shop looks like the entrance to a subway tunnel, except that it is clearly marked “$25 Or Less Discount Basement”.

There are some very nice free items here, and some very low cost basics that every girl should have in her wardrobe. Each of the dresses below cost 0$L.

There are also separates available. I love the skirt and sweater in the picture below. The skirt cost 0$L, the sweater was a mere 25$L — a bargain since I’ve seen similar sweaters selling for 150$L and up.

Popfuzz: http://slurl.com/secondlife/PopFuzz/116/175/21

5 thoughts on “Pop on over to the Popfuzz Discount Shop

  1. This dress here https://fabfree.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/popfuzzdress2.jpg, is a free dress ( or perhaps used to be free ) from ❤ cupcakes aka Mimi Coral!


  2. Imelda wonders if ppl actually take the time to READ this blog or if you just pop over to places and get the freebies????? This was posted on this VERY SAME BLOG on June 4th ummmmmmm…….. ok ill read it for you…..

    {June 4, 2008} Scotti Really Luvs Cupcakes
    You know the saying, “Go big or go home”? Well, Mimi Coral has gone HUGE! At ❤ Cupcakes, there are 30 items marked at $0L along with her marked down Secret Sale items. How can I pass this up? Mostly lovely dresses in the collection, there are a few lingerie pieces and separates available. I also found a bounty of Cupcake vintage items in Popfuzz’s $25L or Less Department. You must go down the ramp from the teleport location to retrieve this items displayed to the left of the entrance.

    I hate repeating personally myself but hey some of us forget. i know i do and will be first in line to admit that but it was said before so saying you didn’t know just means you didn’t read and it wasn’t but 2 weeks ago. ummmmmmm……….

    Well, it just would have been nice for there to have been a reference that scotti took the time to blog this previously *sigh* tg i have a good memory and YES i read every word not only scotti writes but all of the rest of you as well and i am MOST grateful for your time cos you keep me dressed in sl *smile*


  3. Isn’t the first dress from Venscheck?


  4. Spice, you are right. But there are not only bargains/freebies/dollarbies by Popfuzz Bamboo also by Mimi Coral (3 Cupcakes) and Rosemary Galbraith (Rosemar) and Angel Sienkiewicz (Smack). Shown here is the free Flower Power Spring Dress by Angel Sienkiewicz as well as 2 free dresses, 1 free skirt and a bargain by Mimi Coral.



  5. Imelda,

    Yep. I do actually read the blog. I looked back in the archives, and you’re right, Scotti did blog these freebies not too long ago. Even though I write for the blog, I occasionally miss entries once they get buried in the archives.. and that’s one entry I missed.