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The Motion Merchant and a Gbberish Beauty Avatar


I need a nice, decent AO. No drama poses, no model stands. I have found the perfect one – thank you, Princess Ivory 🙂 This AO is not for free but the shop is worth to write about. It´s The Motion Merchant. There are swim animation, couple poses, single poses and so on. Check it out, it´s a lot of fun to try the poses. Don´t forget to go upstairs and do your exercises 🙂

But there´s also a cute Blow Kiss Freebie (including instructions) pictured on the wall. Almost in front of you as you step into the shop is a pose stand. You can get 1 (one!) gesture for free.

“To receive one of these 75 Linden gestures for free add this store to your pics, then send an IM to Johan Durant. Make sure you say what gesture you want. Also planned is a periodically raffles for people with this store in their pics.”

For example, Hazel writes: Hi Johan! I would like to receive the gesture “faint” for free, please. Thank you for your generous offer. Greetings, Hazel Homewood

After sending the IM Hazel waits patiently to receive her freebie because she´s a good girl and good girls don`t bug busy designers about a freebie.

You got it? 😉

The hot pants Color Stretch Short Denim are an opening gift by ESCAPE. Click the picture inside the store und get it for free. Hair is TossMe by BishWear.

I´m wearing the new lovely dollarbie skin Selkis Gift Natural Skin by Beauty Avatar. It´s a giftbox on the desk counter inside the store. The pretty top is Chloris Flower Top Indigo, an opening gift by Gbberish.

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2 thoughts on “The Motion Merchant and a Gbberish Beauty Avatar

  1. I have a great $1L AO in my store. I had it made with poses my friend made just for me, because I was tired of some of the ugly freebie AOs that had me on my toes the entire time, or thrusting my pelvis out at strangers. It’s in the back corner of my store on Redux NW, near the windows and other $1L items.. She’s So Unusual Shoes


  2. I have to say I went mad looking for a decent AO, and then I found one…but I being dyslixic I can’t recall exactly how to spell Enkyltings (????) where they had a nice pair of grey heels..

    Its a freebie “Simple walk” AO, and now I use it all the time.. although it doesn’t really come with anything fancy, Its either 1 linden or totally free.. more likely to be free.. it was a brillant find for me.. so I can walk about like the sulky inner teenager I am ;).