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NEX-Core is on RFyre!


The lag was horrible, but the clothes at the NEX-Core Rfyre show were incredible. Rfyre clothes are some of my favourites to begin with, and the offerings featured in their most recent show were to die for (pun fully intended). As a gift to show attendees, Rfyre offered a gift package for both males and females. As of this morning the gift pack was still sitting on the counter just inside the NEX-Core entrance, but it may not be there much longer.. so run!

I’m wearing a skin from the Velvet Sim Heart Hunt in the picture on the right, this one is *bf*-babe-kateglosspinkF-blond for 0$L. In th epicture on the right (click to enlarge), I’m wearing a skin from the Skin City Hunt. Most of the prizes in the Skin City Hunt are free, but some will cost you 1 – 10 $L.

NEX-Core (Rfyre gift 0$L): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Innocence/79/158/23
Velvet Sim Heart Hunt: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Velvet/123/84/24
Skin City Hunt: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Skin%20City/128/229/564

5 thoughts on “NEX-Core is on RFyre!

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  2. babe kate its from my hands….i mean I did not my friend rache le….;P
    txxx for blogging as BTw

    kisses and hugs
    bianca foulon


  3. bianca, I´m sorry, it was me who thought babekate skin is made by Rachele!
    My apologizes! You both are great designers and generous, too! Thanks a lot for all freebies and your hard work:-)


  4. thanks for the great tips, where did you get the hair you are wearing with the Rfyre outfit btw? Thanks!!


  5. Thanks, nepenthe.

    The hair on the female model is TossMe Black by Bishwear. It was a freebie at the time of the post, and was posted previously in FabFree. I’m not sure if it’s still available as a freebie, but it’s certainly worth a try. On the male model is booN NMR32 hair, also previously blogged in FabFree.