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She did it .. as promised: FRICK´s group gift


Fricka Morgath, designer and owner of FRICK, has promised to send out all previous subscrib-o-matic group gifts (plus something new!) to her group members (read here). And here we are with great FRICK skins: Concept Flame, Drow, Geisha, Pinup Chocolate Rita, Pinup Group Exclusive, Shadows Unfurled and Tan Glammy.

What can I say? Amazing, adorable, wonderful … thanks, Fricka!

Enough said, here are the pics, all FRICK skins modelled with Serafina black hair by BishWear, available for 1 L at SAVOIR HAIR (one of the best places for hair addicts!)

Author: hsm


10 thoughts on “She did it .. as promised: FRICK´s group gift

  1. Hazel, I love your new tag line. I LOVE butterflies!

    Skins are interesting. Not sure I would wear most of them, but the last one looks good.

    Princess Ivory


  2. Can’t get it if you join the Subscribe-o-Matic now. For some reason, she does not have the history enabled the way the rest of the ones that I have joined do. 😦


  3. Yes. I joined, and nothing. How do we get these?


  4. Hope she does send them because the subscribe-o-matic isn’t touchable. 😦


  5. Sorry, but the subscriber I use is not a Subscribe-O-Matic. Sadly, it doesn’t have the option to keep gifts in the history so I typically try to resend gifts a few times to make sure everyone gets a chance to receive it. I’ll be resending out this gift again tomorrow for anyone who may have missed out.


  6. Just a quick little note, since I found out so many folks signed up recently, I set the group gift out next to the subscriber so everyone can come by and pick it up. 😀


  7. I think I need to take some example pics on Fab free (flickr) to show how these skins change with the shapes… this is the beauty of these skins.. they really are influenced by different shapes. Thanks Fricka and Hazel!!!


  8. Fricka’s skins are so nice. I really love the fantasy-themed skins like the Geisha and Drow skins ^-^ When compared to other skins that cost like L2000 each these ones will save so much x)


  9. We greatly appreciate it Fricka 😀 I definitely bookmarked your place for all my inevitable future skinning needs!


  10. Thx, Princess, I love butterflies too … and flowers 🙂

    Yw, AlterEgo, it was my pleasure to show FRICK´s skins 🙂

    And thank you again , Fricka Morgath 🙂 I hope all ladies have now gotten your great skins :-))))