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I´m back SOFT TOUCH freckled, keeping SAM`S SECRET at my CANDY HOUSE ;-)


Hi, freekz 🙂 I need a short break from my break 🙂 And without further bla bla bla …. that´s what I want to share with you:

SOFT TOUCH is offering a pretty, natural freckled skin called Honey-Freckled Harmony. There´s a box on the couch containing the skin and a hot Summer Luving mesh bikini. BUT you have to pay 5 Linden (that´s what I call a lowbie). Also there´s another 5 L-box on the couch with tattoos (not shown).

Outside CANDY HOUSE`s store are 3 boxes sitting on the ground with free and almost free hair. I´m wearing my favorite style C&H 1 L Hair in smokey (there are more colors, and 2 sizes). Cute style 🙂

And at least I will tell you SAM´S amazing SECRET: Blue Sky Lingerie in black is free (it´s the box in the window, along with other (not free) bags).

Skin Honey-Freckled Harmony and

Mesh Bkini Summer Luvin (5 L)

SOFT TOUCH Main, Norcott Center 82/98/23

C&H 1 L Hair in smokey (1 L)

CANDY HOUSE, TokyoMainLand 117, 55, 22

Blue Sky Lingerie in black (0 L)

SAM´S SECRET, Bara 211/131/22

Author: hsm


4 thoughts on “I´m back SOFT TOUCH freckled, keeping SAM`S SECRET at my CANDY HOUSE ;-)

  1. Ooh La La, Hazel! Lookin’ good!

    That’s a lot less clothing (and a lot more of you) than I saw the other day at Dernier Cri!

    You look great!

    Princess Ivory


  2. Nice to see you back!! I was wondering where you had gone- Welcome back!


  3. Welcome Back Sweetie! 😀


  4. Thank you, ladies 😉

    It´s good to be back but I will make myself more scarce … there are lots of other things needing my attention, first of all my RL stuff. And my own blog I decided to start. And iSL first of all I wanna have fun! Freebie hunting is fun, of course … but it should not be the main thing in my SL. Soooo, if I´m in the mood and there´s a really amazing freebie that´s worth to blog it (just in my opionion!), I will tell you 🙂