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SciFi Geeks Unite!


Come on! I know you are all Sci-Fi geeks at heart. The Free Fandom Project is perfect for you. They have free avatars for the best in Sci-Fi like Dr. Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Torchwood, Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd, Yellow Submarine, Angel, Charmed, Smallville, Rocky Horror, The Shadow, and I, Robot.

Clarification: This is not done by a group of designers but fans who wish to share their love of their favorite items. Give them a break. They are being generous in their own way.

Update: To those being critical of what the Fandom Project stands for, I challenge you to put your talent where you mouth is and design free avatars for the Free Fandom Project.

Free Fandom Project: 10th Doctor Avatar($0L), Angel Avatar($0L), Sweeney Todd Avatar($0L), K-9 Avatar($0L), Dalek($0L)

Total Cost: $0L

Fab Cherlindrea

10 thoughts on “SciFi Geeks Unite!

  1. /me falls over dead from shock at seeing an Angel avatar. Now if I can just find a boyfriend to dress up like this! 😀


  2. People just like to bitch, even when it is free and fun, don’t worry about it.

    Exterminate! Exterminate!


  3. In Doctor Who land there are also several freebie and dollarbie AVS including Rose and the Doctor as well.. I got myself a number of free things in the area a few months ago, plus its a great place to explore.


  4. Thanks for the plug! There’s over a hundred freebies either in the store or dotted through out my Tardis next door – from a range of designers.

    The Angel avatar you feature won our recent competition (which had 30,000L$ worth of prizes) for content creators to show off their favourite fandoms – it’s rather superb isn’t it?

    We are always delighted to feature new items, and we’re perfectly happy for people to take our things, improve them and send them back!


  5. $30,000L, wow! I need to get myself trying to make one. When is the next contest?


  6. Impressive. Instead of jumping all over you the biatches should be working on the next contest. $30,000L cashes out to around $100 USD.


  7. That was split across 1st to 4th place (and some of it was in gift vouchers) But first prize was 15,000 els.

    Later in the year, as getting people to stump up the cash for them is as tricky as getting them to give us free avatars, or getting bloggers to remember that these items aren’t meant to be the pick of the crop for longtime SLers – they’re meant to be the first rung on the ladder above the default skins for sci-fi fans…


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