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Circuit Block


Hi FabFree Faithful! I’m Scotti Rhode and this is my first post! Since I’m a newbie blogger, I went to a couple of Orientation Sims for a look around.

First, I went to H&R Block to see how a tax prepation company work in-game. I was on the telehub and selected Tango Products. I teleported to a platform surrounded by 3 identical kiosks. Touch one and you will receive a folder labeled H&R Block Tango Product Bundle. Inside includes long and short-sleeved shirts, 3 pairs of women’s shoes, one pair of men’s shoes, a dance hud for the shoes and 3 scooters in the company’s colors: black, green and orange.

I then visited the Circuit City sim. I came into a lounge-style Welcome area where there were 2 displays: one with free laptops, the other with free hats. I followed the Orientation Trail with bridges and platforms to Platform 9 & 10. There are four outfits, 2 male and 2 female, designed by Indira Bekkers on the display board labeled “Free Clothing”. The best part is shoes are included. Each outfit will be a labeled folder in your inventory. Thanks to Wyatt of Circuit City for being so helpful.

Red Retro Outfit, Black & White Dress, Green Sweater & Khakis, Black Pants & Dress Shirt with Tie (not shown) (0L)
Circuit City (167,14,59)

CC Laptop, CC hat (0L)
Circuit City(60,161,59

Jewelry: Eolande’s Basics Essentials Jewelry Set- Silver (0L)
Ohana Isle (196,59,22)

H&R Block Tango Product Bundle (0L)
H&R Block (175,127,52)

Hair: Melinda [Black Frosted] (1L Fatpack)
  Phoebe [Black Red] (1L Fatpack)
  Lovely [Brunette] (1L Fatpack)
ETD Isle (143,140,32)

Skin: FabFree-Tropical Breeze (0L-group gift)
Talisman (228,190,24)

Total Cost- $3L

3 thoughts on “Circuit Block

  1. Welcome FabScotti 🙂

    You did a great job with your first post!


  2. Yay Scotti – welcome from the Faithful!


  3. I’m so happy to be a part of FabFree. Cher and Hazel are so cool and dedicated. Treat us well, please? 🙂


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