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Blooming QUICKIE: Xand`s Bougainvillea & *biancaF*`s Saharabloom


Xand Nagy, designer and owner of Xand`s Kick&Twirls is offering her adorable new spring dress Bougainvillea for 2 days only as a dollarbie, so hurry! You landingpoint is at the entrance of Dreamcatchers Distillery Blues Club, cross the dancefloor and go up (there´s a ladder) and once again up by using the “halfpipe” (or whatever this is, I don´t know the exact name of it). Now you are almost in front of the the sign with Bougainvillea Dress. It comes with top, laced undershirt (I prefer to wear it without undershirt), glitch pants(leggings), skirt and a wonderful flowing scarf!

I matched the dress with Talyn heels from Enkything and ETD`s Phoebe hair in rasperry.

Bianca Foulon, designer and owner of *biancaF*, is giving out through the subscribe-o-matic a skin preview: it´s the amazing *bf*-fata-saharabloom-decor skin. So tp over to biancaF, touch the subscribe kiosk next the entrance to be added and touch it again, now choose History. Click 1 – April 9, 08 – Here A Preview …., click exit. In a few minutes you will receive a bodypard named bf-fata-saharabloom-decor preview (it´s in your Bodypart folder!).

Sorry for the large pic but I can´t help myself – I love Bougainvillea Dress and fata-saharabloom-decor skin to pieces 🙂

Talyn heels (o L)

Enkythings, Orbunia 202/159/343

bf-fata-shaharabloom-decor preview skin (subscr.gift o L)

*biancaF*Bianca Foulon, Addictive 174/157/22

Spring Dress Bougainvillea (1 L,limited time offer!)

Xand`s Kick&Twirls, Vinca Island 205/36/32

Phoebe hair in rasperry (1 L)

ETD, ETD Isle 182/184/31

Fab Hazel

Author: hsm


3 thoughts on “Blooming QUICKIE: Xand`s Bougainvillea & *biancaF*`s Saharabloom

  1. Don’t forget to look at the rest of Xand’s store while you are there! Great stuff, and very affordable (of course, I had to buy another dress, in addition to the dollarbie!). It’s divided into 2 areas, so be sure you look at both.

    Thanks for the tip-as soon as I’m done shopping I’ll be putting on the Bougainvillea dress as my welcome spring outfit!

    Princess Ivory (who wanders off to check out the rest of the featured items)


  2. i am just a foolish boy, but this dress is amazing. maybe you can fly away with it, if wind gets stronger ;-). Its perfect for springtime. Even the skin underneath is worth looking. Kisses. See you Inworld


  3. You are right, Princess Ivory, there are great clothes at Xand´s store, worth to take a closer look!

    Thx a lot, camus *grin and blow you a kiss*