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KALON skins FabHazel


KALON While scanning lots of fashion and style blogs I noticed KALON is offering a dollarbie skin. Hmm, to be quite honest, I´ve never heard about this store. So I tped over to take a look and first of all I saw a very busy working woman. It was Kyrinnia Desmoulins, owner and designer of KALON. Well, I didn´t want to interrupt her working , that´s why I grabbed the awesome gothic Super Smoke Candy Skin (1 Linden, a big red sign inside the store) on the quiet and started to look around at the other skins. Well done, pretty make ups and affordable prices! Kyrinnia was so kind to drop me a demo of Vanilla Glitterati Pink/Silver skin and I really like it! This skin is not free, it´s priced down to 100 Linden as well as all other skins. But I have to show this skin because I want you to know how pretty Kyrinnia`s non-gothic skins are looking.

EDIT: ACTUALLY Vanilla Glitterati Pink/Silver Skin is a dollarbie!

There´s also a Noober Pack with pretty shape, cute skin with butterfly on both cheeks and hair for 1 Linden.

The shape comes whitout green snowflakes, of course, but I have to cover my “naughty bits” because I don´t like IM´s just telling me “I have seen your pussy on the blog” !

Uuuhm, I can´t resist to tell you what Kyrinnia said when she was aware who I am *grin* I mean, there´s nothing special about me, I´m just one of many women all over the grid. But after “Hello” Kyrinnia said (and I had a good laugh at that): “Holy Cow, you are FabHazel!” On the on hand it was such a surprise for me to be known and on the other hand I was incredibly pleased *smile* Big thank you for making me laugh in such a nice way and for your generosity, Kyrinnia!

Holy Cow, it´s high time to tp over to KALON! I´m still laughing ……….. 🙂

Kalon NooberPackKalon NooberPack

Noober Pack (shape, skin, hair) 1 Linden Fab Hazel

Kalon Super Smoke Candy Skin 1 Linden

Vanilla Glitterati Pink/Silver Skin (ACTUALLY 1 Linden)

KALON Skin Hair Shapes, CheChe 165/191/57

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2 thoughts on “KALON skins FabHazel

  1. Actually the Glitterati Pink/Silver skin is a dollarbie as well. 🙂


  2. Great! Thanks for letting us know, Kyri 🙂