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IMAGEN`s Clearance Sale / Bishwear-Scandal`s JUJU heels

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imagenbishwear.jpgLots of lovely dresses from IMAGEN`s Trisque Line are on sale for 1 Linden as well as shirts, tops and jeans. I´ll show you 4 dresses and then I`ll go back to buy the rest because I like them all 🙂 Oooh, and skins are 50 % off!

We have the Flower Quilt Dress, Mayo Dress, Mad Rainbow Dress (all with a bit retro touch) and the cute Blue Picnic Dress.

Bishwear-Scandal offers fabulously free heels in pink. JUJU shoes are into the store on an easel (a big sign).

Imagenimagen2.jpgimagen3.jpgImagen Bishwear-Scandal

Rosemar CreampuffSkin Freebie 2 in Silk (group gift 0 L)

Rosemar at PopFuzz, PopFuzz 59/127/35

FlowerQuilt Dress (1 L), Blue Picnic Dress (1 L)

Mayo Dress (1 L), Mod Rainbow Dress (1 L)

Imagen, Cybertopia North 243/58/24

JUJU shoes ( 0 L)

Bishwear-Scandal, Cecil 94/69/257
Fab Hazel

Author: hsm


One thought on “IMAGEN`s Clearance Sale / Bishwear-Scandal`s JUJU heels

  1. This one was an awesome tip. I had been looking for jeans, and I went ahead and bought all 3 pairs, plus a couple dresses. I’ll probably go back and pick out a few more things, too.


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