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Thank You for all the Egg Hunts


Thank YouWe at FabFree would like to take this time to thank all of the designers and organizers that worked hard to put together the many treasure hunts that were held during this past weekend. We know it takes a lot of effort on your parts to get the items together, sorted, hidden, etc. We also know that many of you were visible during the hunts to talk to the hunters, share in the fun, frolic in the fields, feed the ducks, climb the trees, fly the skies, pick through the garbage bags with us as well as drop us a few veiled hints when we were stuck or missing a few eggs.

This entire week, between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, has shown all of us how generous all the designers are. If people are grumbling about the offerings or the experience then they need to remember their Freebie Etiquette and move on with their lives. You have all given us such a wonderful week and should be proud of your accomplishments. Thank you once again.

6 thoughts on “Thank You for all the Egg Hunts

  1. Absolutely, thank you so much! Such a shame the grid’s been so wonky this weekend. I’m doing the big grid hunt right now, and all I’m getting from SL is one error after another, from stale money transfers to dataserver errors (that’s a new one on me) and cancelled requests because the server tells me I don’t have enough money!

    I shall persevere. *sets jaw and tries relogging*


  2. And thanks to you guys at FabFree! As always you have been a great help. And I know how much time it takes to put together your blog stuff (and perhaps sort your inventory now and then).


  3. Somehow, this post of mine seems like a good adjunct to this one.


    Some people really are a bit careless and stupid.


  4. I’d like to add my thanks to every one elses. We had a great time searching hither and yon for eggs of all sizes and it was a blast. Great job and thanks!


  5. I just want to add my Thanks! There were some absolutely fabulous prizes and gifts this year and I discovered several new places that I want to re-visit so designers these hunts do work for some! Thank you Thank you Thank you!


  6. And thank YOU Cherlindrea and Hazel & team for featuring all those items here so people can easily find them 😀
    Hope you had a great easter!