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Pariah Needs Your Opinion


Pariah IncI read in Voodoo Style that Pariah, Inc has a tester skin for $1L because she is looking for your feedback. The feedback she is looking for is what would look good and not negative, vague statements.

Example of positive feedback: The shading on the arms would look great if they were lighter. or Smokey eye makeup would look fabulous on this skin.
-This type of feedback offers the designer ideas on what to look at.

Example of negative/vague feedback: I hate the lips. or That is ugly.
-This type of feedback offers nothing for the designer to work with.

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Pariah IncPariah IncPariah Inc

Pariah, Inc: 2008 Tester Skin($1L)
Rue Alliez(73,132,0)

5 thoughts on “Pariah Needs Your Opinion

  1. This is a fabulous skin! The lips are great, but I would define the eyebrows a little more. Make them more realistic. Also, the stomach/abdomin definition is not very appealing to me. It looks as if she is sprouting a baby? Maybe smooth it off with a little bit of definition.

    One last thing, make sure you make it in a pale shade for me ;)!


  2. i love how she did the face. excellent job.

    in regards to the body, i would recommend softening the shoulders, rounding out the hips a touch more and reducing the buoyancy of the breasts just slightly. other than that – i think this is off to a great start!


  3. I think it’s very nice. I like the eye makeup and lips. Personally, I’m always looking for skins with either good freckles, or something unique like a beauty mark.


  4. The face is lovely. Very well done. I would add a little more to the outer third of the eyebrows though, they almost seem too thin near the arch.

    What’s sticking out for me is the shading on the breasts, specifically the tops of them. Such dramatic definition, at clear angles, makes them look like botched implants. I think many people would rather have the breasts on their av look natural.

    I agree with Ele that the stomach does almost look pregnant. I would suggest either a little more definition, give the skin a slightly visible six-pack, or less definition and smooth it out.

    The tiny patch of pubic hair seems funny to me; shaved or neatly trimmed is probably more popular with users, I get that, but, in my head, I would see that and think “Why didn’t ya finish the job?” But in all fairness, I designed my av not long after I came to SL (no pubic hair) and my skin only changes when I’m taking product photos of my clothing, so maybe I’m missing a trend or something. I do think that area was done very well overall though; I’ve seen some skins where the labia, etc were placed too high up on the pelvis and consequently they look like pubic hair until you look up close, or like a scary alien crotch.

    Lastly, I’m not quite feeling the spine definition on the lower back. The shading seems a little too harsh and makes it look like you’re actually seeing the vertabrae rather than just the curve of the back on a lovely woman.


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