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Quickie: Rose Petal Destiny

Rose Petal Creations, Style Your DestinyRose Petal Creations has a lucky egg thing going on. It works just like the lucky chair except it is an egg with your first letter instead. The egg changes it spot it time someone finds it. This dress Waltz dress will be in the egg until tomorrow morning.  While you are there be sure to check out her clearance area because you will not be disappointed.  Don’t forget to join her update group.  It is done with subscribe-o-matic so it wont cost you a spot.

Style Your Destiny added a $1L skin this morning. It is located inside a giant yellow Peep bunny to the right of the main sitting area.

Rose Petal Creations, Style Your Destiny

Moonshine: Lily – tipped magenta($0L hunt)
Silver Lake(88,174,27)

Rose Petal Creations: Waltz Dress in Apricot($0L lucky egg)
Ooohlala Mode(45,46,26)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Spring Fresh Skin($1L), Easter Grey Eyes($1L hunt), Lorelei Shape($1L hunt)

Tesla: Elise Mary Janes – black($0L)

Total Cost: $3L

Fab Cherlindrea


Quickie: CASSINI CREATIONS seduced me

Cassini Creations group gift Seduce MeGwendolyn Cassini, owner and designer of CASSINI CREATIONS was so kind to let me know about the easter gift for her group. Thank you, Gwendolyn!

Do a search in groups for the group called Cassini Creations (I used the phrase cassini and it was the 1st choice). Go to notices (there are 2), go to this dated 3/20/2008 with the subject “It´s almost easter”. Click Open/Save Attachment. You are now proud owner of a box with CC SeduceMe! Easter chick from Cassini Creations. Find a place that allow build, unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as its in the notice archives.

This easter lingerie is innocence and seduction – cute as candy and hot as hell at the same time! Seduce me! Easter Chick comes with panties and top (both on 2 layers), neglige prim attachment, stockings and bunny ears. As an extra there´s an animated easter egg. Just wear the egg, type /9 throw to throw it and watch it break and poof (poofs only when hitting the ground or an avatar).

Wear this lingerie and do the shy country cousin whispering “Seduce me! I´m your chicken tonight.” And if this isn´t working as you intended …… throw your easter egg on him/her 🙂

Cassini Creations Seduce Me Ears topCassini Creations Seduce Me stockings

Robin`s Egg Skin moles by Cher (group gift 0 L)

Fabulously Free in SL, Talisman 230/190/23

Seduce Me! Easter Chick (group gift 0 L)

Cassini Creations, Case Colle 193/220/108
Fab Hazel


Thank You for all the Egg Hunts

Thank YouWe at FabFree would like to take this time to thank all of the designers and organizers that worked hard to put together the many treasure hunts that were held during this past weekend. We know it takes a lot of effort on your parts to get the items together, sorted, hidden, etc. We also know that many of you were visible during the hunts to talk to the hunters, share in the fun, frolic in the fields, feed the ducks, climb the trees, fly the skies, pick through the garbage bags with us as well as drop us a few veiled hints when we were stuck or missing a few eggs.

This entire week, between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, has shown all of us how generous all the designers are. If people are grumbling about the offerings or the experience then they need to remember their Freebie Etiquette and move on with their lives. You have all given us such a wonderful week and should be proud of your accomplishments. Thank you once again.

Grid Wide Egg Hunt

Gride Wide HuntGride Wide HuntThe starting point for this hunt is located at Mangakino(75,210,29). Hidden in this area is Egg1 – Vain Inc. This egg will give you the landmark to the next location to go to. Follow the landmarks inside each egg at each locations until you come to the last location which is now Ivalde. If you did the hunt when it began last night the last location was lessthan3 so you may need to go back to location 6 and get the updated landmark at that location. This hunt will end on March 24th.

Gride Wide Hunt Gride Wide HuntGride Wide Hunt

Amplify: Zippedropp Yellow($0L hunt)

Artilleri: Charlotte Dress w/ Tropical Hair Flower($0L hunt)

Blaze: Sonatina MiniDress($0L hunt)

Cesi&Cesca: Aqua Green Dress($0L hunt)
Busan Korea(32,64,0)

Gigi Couture: Lite Easter Hunt Skin($0L hunt)

Lessthan3: Easter Skin – tan($0L hunt)

Moonshine: Lily – tipped magenta($0L hunt)
Silver Lake(88,174,27)

Ravenwear: Shimmer Dress($0L hunt)
Ravens Requiem(89,90,307)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Easter Brown Eyes($1L hunt), Lorelei Shape($1L hunt)

Tesla: Elise Mary Janes – black($0L)

Vain, Inc: Red Skirt($0L hunt)

Total Cost: $3L

Fab Cherlindrea

Retrology Egg Hunt

Retrology HuntHidden around the Retrology(129,210,40) shopping area are eggs including some shirts for the guys. While hunting I encountered 3 types: left click & you receive items 1 at a time($0L), right click & buy for $0L, and right click & buy for $1L. So if the first method doesn’t work, try the others as well. Use the Retrology link above for the hunt because the links below are for the main locations of the each store.

Retrology Hunt Retrology HuntRetrology HuntRetrology HuntRetrology HuntRetrology Hunt

Bettered Boudoir: Summer Breeze Dress($1L hunt), Indian Summer($1L)
Boudoir Isle(71,203,278)

Ivalde: Lorna Dress Purple($0L hunt)

LaynieWear: Imani Butterfly Emerald Skin($1L hunt)

Kid Asia: CeeCee Orange($0L hunt), This Old Thing Red($0L hunt), Shana Dress($0L hunt)

Philotic Energy: Iseult – Easter Version($1L)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Easter Brown Eyes($1L hunt), Lorelei Shape($1L hunt)

Tesla: Elise Mary Janes – black($0L)

Total Betty: Poodles Dress($0L hunt)

Total Cost: $6L

Fab Cherlindrea


Happy Easter – Insolence, SYD, more ETD and bunnies!

Visit to the Easter BunnyI started this casual Saturday with a trip to visit the Easter Bunny – I found him in the World of Fashion SIM. Isn’t he adorable? I threw on my KA Designs Hoodie, my favorite jeans, and those adorable new pink mary janes from Onigiri that Hazel already blogged and I was off to hunt easter eggs.

Hair: ETD – Chandra ($1L)
Hoodie: KA Sport Hoody (Subscribe-o-matic Group Gift)
Shoes: Onigiri ~ Sakura mary jane (Group Gift – blogged by Hazel earlier)
Jeans: Bubblefish Logo Belted Jeans (not free)
Eyes: custom.eyes – Seduction Jealous Rich (not free)
Skin: Emporio Caproni – Eve (not free)
Photo at: World of Fashion

Visit to the Easter Bunny

Visit to the Easter Bunny

Before I left the bunny, I had to show him my latest costume -Bunnyken – it’s a bunny, it’s a chick – It’s a Bunnyken! It’s free from Numinous!


On to the Hunts!

InsolenceThe first stop I made was at Insolence, being a lingerie nut and all. It was well worth the effort. This was my favorite piece. I already had this outfit in Bordeux so obviously I loved it and I love it in pink too!


Hair: ETD-WLSB Collection Simplicity Sassy ($1L)
Eyes: SYD Easter Purple (Oak Tree Shops Hunt)
Clothing: Insolence – Scarlett Corset and Accessories in Pink (Insolence Egg Hunt)
Earrings: Twisted Rose -Ice Gem Drops ($1L or $0L I forget – 3 colors in the box)
Skin: Emporio Caproni (available at BWN): Eve (not free)

The Oak Tree Shops – SYD

Cherry Blossoms DressSYD had some fabulous gifts in their eggs! First, this great Cherry Blossoms Dress. I paired it with the Easter Eyes also by SYD and another new dollarbie hairstyle from ETD.


Below is a closer look at the eyes and hair.

Easter EyesETD Bonita Hair: ETD – Bonita ($1L)
Dress: SYD Cherry Blossom (Oak Tree Shops Hunt)
Eyes: S.Y.D. Easter (Oak Tree Shops Hunt)
Earrings: Ramos Designs – Square Diamond (not free-forgot I was wearing them)
Skin: Emporio Caproni (available at BWN): Eve (not free)

Cherry FairyCherry Fairy II Cherry Fairy is another adorable dress from the same pattern with some fabulous wings to go with it!

Hair: ETD – Carmina ($1L)
Shirt, Skirt & Wings – SYD Cherry Blossom Fairy (Oak Tree Shops Hunt)
Eyes: S.Y.D. Easter Green (Oak Tree Shops Hunt)
Skin: Emporio Caproni (available at BWN): Eve (not free)

Here are some closer shots of Cherry Fairy as well as SYD’s Lorelei Shape and Cherry Blossom Vampiress Skin

Cherry Skin Hair – ETD – Jolleen (Left)

Bonita (to show skin better Right)

Shirt & Wings – SYD Cherry Blossom Fairy (Oak Tree Shops Hunt)
Skin: SYD Cherry Blossom Vampiress Skin (Oak Tree ShopsCherry Skin II Hunt)
Shape: SYD Lorelei Eyes: SYD Easter Green (Oak Tree Shops Hunt)



Lilac VampiressHair – ETD – Bonita ($1L)Lilac Vampiress
Skin: SYD Lilac Vampiress Skin (Oak Tree Shops Hunt)
Earrings: Twisted Rose -Ice Gem Drops ($1L or $0L I forget – 3 colors in box)
Eyes: SYD Easter Purple (Oak Tree Shops Hunt)
Shape: SYD Lorelei (Oak Tree Shops Hunt)

Here are the pajama sets from SYD – Sleepy Penguin is the blue and black and Peeps is the pink one!Sleepy PenguinSleepy PenguinPink Peeps

Hair: ETD – Anya ($1L)
Shirt, Pants, Socks: S.Y.D Sleepy Penguin/Peeps Set (Oak Tree Shops Hunt)
Eyes: S.Y.D. Easter Green (Oak Tree Shops Hunt)
Skin: Emporio Caproni (available at BWN): Eve (not free)

Last One!

Casual Easter

GiGi Couture released a free Easter skin and [CRAP] released a free t-shirt that was perfect for my casual Saturday mood as I visited Grim’s Easter shop!

Casual Easter

Fab Belle