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I´m so egg-cited: Giz`z Gizmo`s / GiGi / Philotic Energy ::: MiaSofia Hunt


Giz group gift egg-citingHERE´S A QUICKIE (no spam *lol*)

Giz`z Gizmo´s gives her group an egg-citing Easter gift through the subscribe-o-matic (easel outside the store near the entrance). It´s the perfect dress for hunting easter eggs, reduces lag completely *smiles* And “egg-cited” isn´t my term but I had to use it, it´s as cute as Giz`z “body painting”! Don´t miss the freebie bags inside the store if you haven´t it yet.
Click the sign to subscribe, click it again, choose History. Click 3, it should be the one dated Mar 21/08, subject:Free Easter Gift for all of you. Click exit. In a few minutes you will receive a box with an egg-citing Easter gift from Giz`z Gizmo´s. Find a place that allow build, unpack your box. This item is only available until Sunday March 23th.

Next quickie: GiGi Couture offers a lovely skin named Porcellan Doll Easter, so well done! Your landingpoint is on the groundfloor inside GiGi`s store, you have to go downstairs (takes years to rezz but be patient, this skin is worth your time).

The box sitting on the ground contains the skin, buy it for 1 Linden. Another dollarbie “Big Bag of Freebs” is sitting on the table, don´t miss it! In it there´s Pink Lips Candy Skin (cute again!) and tanks, a skirt, chiffon blouse, tattoo, highcut pants…. I´m sorry, I can´t show all these wonderful clothes because it´s too much stuff and SL is running very bad.

Take it while you can, I`m not sure how long this special Porcellan Doll Easter skin will be there. I think until Monday ???

And now head over QUICKIE to Philotic Energy. There are 6 eggs (to buy for 1 Linden) hidden all over the store, bit hard to find. I found just 4 but in egg 1 was the cute Iseult Easter Version Lavender hair, love it. The other eggs were filled with spike cuffs, jelly-boo and jelly-hawt bracelets and egg 4 contains again a punky unisex hairstyle Mykal Lavender.

And a quick reminder: don`t miss the MiaSofia Hunt! It will start today at 2 pm SLT and you have to find 9 eggs filled with goodies from Lurvebite, Alexitimia and MiaSofia.

GiGi Skin PE hairPE cuffs braceletPE mykal hair

Porcellan Doll Easter Skin (1 L)

BigBag of Freebs (1 L, not shown)

GiGi Couture, Broadmead 53/186/34

Egg-citing Easter gift (subscribe-o-matic gift, o L)

Giz`z Gizm´s at Gizland, Anala 199/195/76

Spike Cuffs, Bracelets, Mykal Lavender hair,

IseultEasterVersion Lavender hair (egg hunt, 1L/egg)Fab Hazel

PHILOTIC ENERGY, Imogen 166/163/22

Author: hsm


2 thoughts on “I´m so egg-cited: Giz`z Gizmo`s / GiGi / Philotic Energy ::: MiaSofia Hunt

  1. Next time you do one of your contests make sure your landmarks are correct. I had your egg hunters landing on my island all day today because your landmark was wrong. Made it damn near impossible to get any work done and Saturdays is one of the only days i have to work on my land.


  2. I´m very sorry, my apologizes! Was an typo.