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MiaSofia Hunt Show Off

mia Hunny SkinPheeew … that was hard! I wasn´t very successful at the miaSofia Hunt but at least I´ve found it …

Hurry! The hunt is going on for today only!

What I´ve found:

Egg 1 for guys from lurveBite contains white tank top and transparent white tank top (looks good on a female shape too *winks*). Egg 2 for gurls from lurveBite gives you Classic Blue Jeans (very very welcome! and Toasty Thermals Shirt and Pants Tintable. Egg 3 for gurls from lurveBite dresses you with the sweet little Italy Flag Swoop Skirt (comes mit top and pants).

At least I´ve found the “aaaww sooo cuuute” mia Hunny Skin! Call me Hunny Bunny from now on, I´m so happy and so tired too! This egg (in a *coughs* meadow) you have just to touch (not to buy for 0 Linden) and HunnyBunny skin goes straight into your inventory´s body part folder.

Sadly, I wasn´t able to get all the other great stuff because of lag and crash and ……. same procedure as every year, you know! *lol* Maybe next year.

It´s 3.15 am here in Vienna, I need a nap now …

Thanks for your support, Freekz! Big thank you to all designers! HAPPY EASTER!!


miaSofia Hunny Skin (egg gift 0 L)

miaSofia, Hwang 116/127/243

White/white transparent tank top for guys, ItalyFlagDress,

ClassicBlueJeans,ToastyThermalShirt&Pants Tintable (egg gift 0 L)

lurveBite at miaSofia, Hwang 92/95/243

Moppeh Hair in chocolate (fatpack 1 L)

Philotic Energy, Imogen 166/163/22

Pastel easter shoes (part of GirlAnimeShape, 0 L)

Onigiri, Sibine 52/55/51
Fab Hazel

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ONIGIRI´s Easter Egg – Gridwide LM Hopping Egg Hunt

Onigiri Easter egg 11 Anime GirlAt Onigiri Kawaii Style´s store an easter egg is already out.

Onigiri is participating in a Gridwide LM Hopping Egg Hunt. Start is here, Vain Inc.Plaza at Mangakino.

There are 26 eggs with presents waiting for you. You have to hunt for an egg that looks like the egg at Onigiri´s store. Hunt starts March 23-12am and ends March 25-12am. Buy each egg for 0 Linden and receive items from great designers. With every gift you will get the landmark to your next easter egg too.

Participating designers are: artilleri, bianca F., LAP, The Closet, Vain Inc., Tuli, Ivalde, HSP Lab, The Body Politik, Vette`s Boutique, SDWear, Blaze, Canimal, love.love.love, carnal, shouted couture, Sentou Yosei, Cecil Cesca, Onigiri, Gracies, Emery, Amplify, Ravenwear.

Onigiri´s egg is located almost in the middle of the store on a table, you can´t oversee it.

It contains an Anime Girl Shape, skin, eyes, face light, pastel easter shoes (cute!) and a ribbon belt. You will also get a notecard with instructions how to adjust the light for bringing out this special anime glow (for me it doesn´t really work, sorry) but I like the soft touch of this skin and the small sweet flower too.

Onigiri Anime GirlOnigiri Anime Girl pastel easter shoes

Anime Girl Shape (easter egg 1, 0 L)

Onigiri Kawaii Style, Sibine 52/55/51

Moppeh Hair in white (fatpack 1 L)

Philotic Energy, Imogen 166/163/22
Fab Hazel


Reghan’s Hats, more ETD, Relika and a puppy!

A great call came out in my girlfriend group earlier this week – First Reghan needed a model for her new dollarbie hat Lady Reghan II so I saved myself a Linden and got a sneak preview of her new release! I went a little crazy with the pics too and I just couldn’t decide between them so you get them all!

Lady Redhan IILady Reghan IILady Reghan IILady Reghan IIhat_7.jpg

Next, my girlfriend Pannie Paperdoll sent out a message that it was her rezz day and she was celebrating with a big party and she gave away some great party favors too! Look at my cute new puppy!


ETD AiryJune Bangles

Unfortunately Pannie’s rezz day gifts are gone but you can still check out her store “Pannie’s” she often has freebies and I’ll do my best to get it posted sooner next time. The hair I am wearing above is another of ETD’s new dollarbies – Airy. There’s a closer look in the thumbnail. I found this great shirt/scarf combo at Relika. I am wearing green/gold because I thought it went well with +plus’s free bangle bracelet but you also get black/blue and purple in the pack.


Top Photos:
Hat: Lady Reghan II – Reghan’s Hats and Hodgepodge ($1L)
Hair: ETD – Casual ($1L)
Eyes: custom.eyes – Seduction Jealous Rich (not free)
Skin: Emporio Caproni – Eve (not free) Available at Black, White, and Naughty
Necklace: +plus, Vintage Black Pearl Necklace (not free)
Shirt: +plus Metallic top in black (freebie, no longer available)

Bottom photos:

Hair: ETD – Airy ($1L)
Shirt and Scarf Relika Disco Blitz in Green/Gold ($0L or $1L)
Bracelet: +plus June Bangles ($0L or $1L)
Joey – my Ani-pet Pug: Pannie Paperdoll’s Rez-Day Party Favors (available at Pannie’s)
Jeans: Bubblefish Logo Belted Jeans (not free)
Eyes: custom.eyes – Seduction Jealous Rich (not free)
Skin: Emporio Caproni – Eve (not free) Available at Black, White, and Naughty

Fab Belle

Penguin Hunt Show Off

Penguin HuntPenguin HuntHere are some of the items I have gotten on the Penguin Hunt. I haven’t gotten to the 1 sim yet that has the four of the stores on it. Heading there next.

Penguin HuntPenguin Hunt

Penguin HuntPenguin HuntPenguin Hunt

Earthstones: Onyx Bracelet($1L), Onyx Earrings($1L)

Enchant3d Emporium: Thorn Bracelets($1L)
Han Loso(200,136,63)

LaynieWear: Easter Egg Skin 1, 2, & 3($1L)

OPIUM Everyday: Basix Khaki Outfit($1L)
Le Zoo(194,233,22)

Pazazz: Allison – jellybean tipp’d($1L), Booyah II – jellybean tipp’d($1L)

Philotic Energy: Iseult – Easter Version($1L)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Cherry Blossom Dress($1L), Cherry Blossom Fairy($1L), Easter Brown Eyes($1L), Lorelei Shape($1L)

Tesla: Elise Mary Janes – black($0L)

Total Betty: Easter Bunny PJs($1L)

Total Cost: $12L

Fab Cherlindrea

SDWears ARCANE, that´s the TRUTH!

SDWears AngstDress eastereggQUICKIE!!!

ARCANE offers for a limited time only an adorable Liquid Skin (LTD Opening Skin) for 1 Linden. Sorry for the bad pics but I think you all know how nice SL is today *grin* However, the skin by Ignite Nightfire comes in caramel, creme, fudge, ghost and latte, with eyebrow shape and facelight. And this skin is absolutely fabulous!

TRUTH also gives out 3 dollarbies for a limited time, so hurry. Buy Danny (worn in platinum dark), Danny 2 (worn in black) and Deanne (worn in apricot) for 1 Linden. All 3 styles comes in fatpacks with lots of colors.

If you tp over to Sweet Sorrow, please consider that you are not on a catwalk. There´s no need to be a beauty. Go without facelight, hair, shoes, A0 and so on ……….. it takes years until all is rezzed and its very laggy. Good luck, freekz 🙂

Desdemona Young, owner and designer of SDWears was so kind to let us know that there´s an easter egg in her mainstore. It´s in the basket on the coffeetable. You will get the cute ANGST Dress. Anyone of you know that Angst is a german word and means “fear”? Well, I think there´s no need to get scared, it´s just a thrill of joy when you see this dress!

Arcane LiquidSkinTRUTH dollarbie hair 3 styles ArcaneSkin

Liquid Skin Ltd. Opening Sale (1 L)

ARCANE, Sweet Sorrow 92/43/24

Danny, Danny2, Deanne (1 Linden/fatpack)

Truth Hair, Sweet Sorrow 106/121/26

Angst Dress (easter egg, 1 L)

SDWears Mainstore,Dubya City 35/158/25
Fab Hazel


I´m so egg-cited: Giz`z Gizmo`s / GiGi / Philotic Energy ::: MiaSofia Hunt

Giz group gift egg-citingHERE´S A QUICKIE (no spam *lol*)

Giz`z Gizmo´s gives her group an egg-citing Easter gift through the subscribe-o-matic (easel outside the store near the entrance). It´s the perfect dress for hunting easter eggs, reduces lag completely *smiles* And “egg-cited” isn´t my term but I had to use it, it´s as cute as Giz`z “body painting”! Don´t miss the freebie bags inside the store if you haven´t it yet.
Click the sign to subscribe, click it again, choose History. Click 3, it should be the one dated Mar 21/08, subject:Free Easter Gift for all of you. Click exit. In a few minutes you will receive a box with an egg-citing Easter gift from Giz`z Gizmo´s. Find a place that allow build, unpack your box. This item is only available until Sunday March 23th.

Next quickie: GiGi Couture offers a lovely skin named Porcellan Doll Easter, so well done! Your landingpoint is on the groundfloor inside GiGi`s store, you have to go downstairs (takes years to rezz but be patient, this skin is worth your time).

The box sitting on the ground contains the skin, buy it for 1 Linden. Another dollarbie “Big Bag of Freebs” is sitting on the table, don´t miss it! In it there´s Pink Lips Candy Skin (cute again!) and tanks, a skirt, chiffon blouse, tattoo, highcut pants…. I´m sorry, I can´t show all these wonderful clothes because it´s too much stuff and SL is running very bad.

Take it while you can, I`m not sure how long this special Porcellan Doll Easter skin will be there. I think until Monday ???

And now head over QUICKIE to Philotic Energy. There are 6 eggs (to buy for 1 Linden) hidden all over the store, bit hard to find. I found just 4 but in egg 1 was the cute Iseult Easter Version Lavender hair, love it. The other eggs were filled with spike cuffs, jelly-boo and jelly-hawt bracelets and egg 4 contains again a punky unisex hairstyle Mykal Lavender.

And a quick reminder: don`t miss the MiaSofia Hunt! It will start today at 2 pm SLT and you have to find 9 eggs filled with goodies from Lurvebite, Alexitimia and MiaSofia.

GiGi Skin PE hairPE cuffs braceletPE mykal hair

Porcellan Doll Easter Skin (1 L)

BigBag of Freebs (1 L, not shown)

GiGi Couture, Broadmead 53/186/34

Egg-citing Easter gift (subscribe-o-matic gift, o L)

Giz`z Gizm´s at Gizland, Anala 199/195/76

Spike Cuffs, Bracelets, Mykal Lavender hair,

IseultEasterVersion Lavender hair (egg hunt, 1L/egg)Fab Hazel

PHILOTIC ENERGY, Imogen 166/163/22


Easter Egg Hunt – The Penguin One

It is a busy weekend for Egg Hunts. We are going to try to cover what we can. There is one with a Penguin on it so I am going to call it the Penguin One. One of the designers has even hidden 2 eggs at the FabFree HQ. There are 13 stores participating with items at 18 locations. Having found some of them already I can tell you that many are hidden really well. The eggs are all sizes and colors. There are also some locations with eggs outside the store including behind it. So look very carefully.

Earthstones – 6 eggs

Enchant3d Emporium – 6 eggs
Han Loso(200,136,63)

EC&M Apparel – 5 eggs

JD Designs – 3 eggs

LaynieWear – 14 eggs
Granymyr(243,189,40) – (12 eggs)
Kidd(166,184,29) – (1 egg)
Lemon Island(128,127,23) – (1 egg)

Moonshine – 2 eggs
Silver Lake(88,174,27)

OPIUM Everyday – 3 eggs
Le Zoo(194,233,22)

Pazazz – 10 eggs

Philotic Energy – 6 eggs

Reghan Straaf Reghan’s Hats & Hodgepodge – 3 eggs

Skye Qi Oak Tree Shoppes – 4 eggs

SYD: Style Your Destiny – 14 eggs
Granymyr(243,189,40) – (6 eggs)
Kidd(166,184,29) – (3 eggs)
Lemon Island(162,48,23) – (1 eggs)
Talisman(173,100,27) – (2 eggs)
Bloom County(53,112,23) – (1 egg)
PRIMFactory(69,165,31) – (1 egg)

Total Betty – 3 eggs

Leeloo Alexitimia

This first tip comes from Valle Giulia on the hotline: Alexitimia, FabFreeAlexitimia has Leeloo Dallas outfits from the 5th Element along with their other freebies that we have blogged before. The outfit comes in 3 colors but I am going to show the traditional. Each outfit is $1L. The are located inside the store to the right in boxes along the front wall.

You may have seen it worn on Hazel’s blog but I gave the FabFree group a skin set for Easter. Do a search in groups for the group called Fabulously Free in SL. (When I do a group search I use the phrase fabfree and it is the only choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 3/20/2008 with the subject FabFree – Easter Skin. Click Open Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a box that contains female skins from Fabulously Free in SL. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives or until I makes some ads at put it at the HQ. So hurry!

Alexitimia, FabFree

Alexitimia: Leeloo Free Outfit($1L)

Fabulously Free in SL: Fantasy Eyes – rainbow brown($0L), Robin’s Egg Skin(moles)($0L group gift)

GuRL 6: Electric – natural red($1L)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Total Cost: $3L

Fab Cherlindrea