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Toume Tenue Julia rougeThere are 2 lovely, inventive dresses at TOUME YAO´s shop for free but onlyToume Tenue Julia bleu today so hurry! Yao Toume offers Toume Tenue Julia Dress in rouge and blue (pictured on a big sign inside the store). I like this assymetric style.

Wilted Rose has added 16 new hairstyles (about 20 Linden each) to the newbie hair wall as well as vendors for Relay of Life.

There are skin ad (10 L, gothic style), bikini ad (100 L), meshed up ad (50 L) and a pretty flower necklace in purple for 1 Linden. Feel free to donate more *smile*

At 69`s new mainstore a treasure hunt is going on to celebrate the new store. You have to find 6 hidden treasures (rings) all around the store, each costs a Linden. You will get amazing shoes! I hope you are more lucky than I and can see all the nice and cute stuff in this store. Everybody is talking about it but I was so lagged and nothing was rezzing. So I was only able to find 2 hidden rings. Hmm, doesn´t matter, the hunt lasts until March, 25 th. I´ll go back tomorrow and check it out. I`ve found Marguerite Pink Check Pumps and Nightmare Black Pumps.

Wilted Rose Necklace RelayForLifeblack NightmareMarguerite pinkcheck instore

Cher´s Rezday Skin freckled (0 L)Fab Hazel

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

Toume Tenue Julia in rouge + bleu (0 L limited time!)

Toume Yao`s Shop & The Rainbow,Passion80/159/157/27

Flower necklace in purple (RelayOfLifeVendor 1 L)

Wilted Rose GothicBoutique,Bloom County 73/125/24

Shoes:MargueritePinkCheck,NightmareBlack(1 L/each,hunt gift)

::69::Mainstore, Miyabi 35/128/503

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