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Clothing Fair Sim by Sim – Summer Sim


Please be sure to look at all the items listed at the Fair for Relay for Life. Don’t forget the lag saving tips noted here. Here are more specific instructions to go with the earlier list:

Analise Silks: There is a green gift box on the ground inside the entrance to the right a bit with a set of silks. There are 2 boxes stacked to the left a bit with freebie silks.
Rezzable Explore(99,207,23)

AnnaH Couture: There is a table inside to the right with a dress and top for $1L each on top. On the coffee table in front of the couch is a green gift box with free goodies as well.
Rezzable Explore(23,206,23)

Barefoot Designs: Inside the entrance to the left on the ground are 3 gift bags marked for $0L.
Rezzable Explore(177,233,23)

Crystal Queendom: Inside the store in the back right area is a box with a pair of shoes for $1L. For those not minding the extra linden, there is also an amazing gown for $2L on the wall above the shoes.
Rezzable Explore(202,203,23)

DellyciousWear: There is a gift box on the ground just inside the front door to the left. There is a gift bag further down on the left as well. Both are $0L.
Rezzable Explore(143,232,23)

Digit Darkes: There are 8 dresses for $1L located inside the shop on the front left wall. There are also the $1L mary jane shoes in the far right corner.
Rezzable Explore(75,235,23)

Persona: Inside the store is shelving on the right side. There are 4 freebies located there like a dress, outfit, top, and bolero.
Rezzable Explore(21,175,23)

3 thoughts on “Clothing Fair Sim by Sim – Summer Sim

  1. Awesome Designs has 3 Animal Print Dresses and a RFL Tank for free on the back wall to the left of the center at


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