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RFL Clothing Fair


I know, I know, I’m a slacker. I just don’t get a lot of SL time, and by the time I see a freebie, it’s usually already on here. But man, did I get the scoop this time!

I’m sure you’ve seen that the RFL Clothing Fair is going on. If you haven’t? Go. Now! (But read this post on how to survive the lag, it seriously helps!) It’s a freebie-hunter’s paradise, and by saving all those lindens you can afford to buy at least one piece to help RFL. 😀

There are pictures and a list of merchants offering freebies under the cut. What are you waiting for?

Some of the freebies seriously stood out to me. In the Autumn sim, LVS and Company have a lovely set for men and women at just 1 linden each.


Devilish Cupcake was offering three fatpacks for 1 linden each!


In the Spring sim, the Crystal Queendom’s 2 linden gown absolutely floored me.


The list of merchants I found with freebies includes:

Spring Sim
Ladies Freebie, Mens Freebie ($1)

Stellar Designs
Various Freebies ($0)

Night Mist Dress and Princess Pearl Bracelet ($0)

Evie’s Closet
Romany Kiss Recolor ($0)

Coconut Ice
Gift Set ($0)

Gritzi Designs
Sunbathing Towel(0)

Rose Petal Creations
Spring Bikini($1L)

Bossa Nova
Box of Freebies(0)

Nicky Ree

Callie Cline
Tops($1L), Necklace(0)

Winter Sim
Pink Ribbon Shoe Box ($0)

2 tees and Fli dress ($0)

Adam N Eve

Autumn Sim
LVS & Co
St Patrick’s Day (Men & Women) ($1 each)

DKs Grab Bag of Goodies! 4 guys and girls ($10) price is now $25L

Bailer’s Outfitters
Pajamas, Gold Crushed Velvet Catsuit, Cowboy Fun ($1 each)

Vindi Vindaloo
Diamond Dress, Be My Valentine, Free Diamond Suit (guys), ($1 each)

Devilish Cupcake
Nonsense,Jellybell Full Set, Celeste Fatpack ($1 each)

SF Designs
Gift Box of Goodies($0L)

Rebel Hope Designs
Several outfits and butterfly wings($0L each)

Barefoot Apparel
Think Barefoot, Orange Panel Shorts, Go Barefoot (0 each)

The Crystal Queendom
Gypsy Princess ($2)

Free Sandals, Free Summer Outfit (0)

Free Simple Silks (Red & White), Leprechaun Silks, (0)

AnnaH Couture
Box of RFL Goodies (0), Dress & Shirt($1L each)

Several outfits($0L)

Digit Darkes
Mary Janes($1L a pair)

15 thoughts on “RFL Clothing Fair

  1. *adds her Spring Bikini to the list in the spring sim* 😉


  2. Add Bossa Nova to the Spring Sim list of freebies. Their freebie box is in the front left corner of their area. 🙂


  3. Shapes By Zada has a low-lag shopping av, supposed to be even lower lag than pretty much going nekkid. If I could transfer it, I’d be handing it out all over the place.


  4. Freebie inflation?

    (aside: this is not intended as a snipe at blog post, just that I’m already irked at the FashCon designers’ constant use of freebie for things that cost a linden…really, it’s not the same thing. They can charge what they like, and I usually happily pay a linden, but try explaining why free isn’t really free to a newbie.)

    Is Crystal Queendom now trying to set a new “freebie” standard of 2L? The gown is pretty, but sheesh, enough already.


  5. mAlice, if you don’t want to pay $2L then don’t. I bought this gown last night is is worth a hell of a lot more than $2L. She called the dress an almost free on the display and I would consider $2L almost free. Many designers have moved away from calling $1L items freebies but rather dollarbies or almost freebies. This is not the first time I have seen an almost freebie for $2L and in this case the signage is honest.


  6. Freebie hunters, please remember your etiquette.


  7. Also, in the Awesome Designs booth on the back wall is a freebie with 3 animal print strapless dresses with fur collars..SO CUTE! It also comes with a tank and jeans!


  8. Couple more almost-freebies that I missed from my list last night:

    Summer Sim:

    Barerose – Hibiscus flower for your hair (0L)

    Digit Darkes also has *eight* 1L dresses (all the same, in different colours) on the inside wall to the left of the door.


  9. I’m having trouble finding anything at the clothes fair, everything takes so long to rez and there’s no signs on the stalls saying which designer it is? Just walking round in circles!


  10. The lag is very heavy at times. I found that the Spring sim seems to have the most lag out of the 4. The tips from the blog linked here for getting around with less lag do help: http://layniewear.wordpress.com/2008/03/17/surviving-lag-101/


  11. Spring is indeed the laggiest. I’m going to try to hit it later on.

    On the freebie/dollarbie issue, I remember how frustrating dollarbies were to me for my first few days, but not all designers are established enough to afford to just give away freebies.
    Not even considering the time and talent that goes into making content, there’s the 10L upload fee for each texture. Especially when you consider the number of 1L Demos, 1L for an entire wearable outfit, is still a freebie to me.


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  14. Teagan, (and Cherlinda) you missed the point–and I tried to put enough disclaimers in there to avoid that, but sadly it was not to be.


  15. Alice, my reminder had nothing to do with you. I had a designer tell me that someone was complaining their freebie was a freebie they gave out at another event. I hadn’t done the other blogs yet so this was the relevant thread.