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Freebie Etiquette – We Need a Refresher


I was shocked to read on Freebie Etiquette that a freebie/bargain hunter sat right next to the recent $1L gift being offered by Spirit and told people in open chat that they thought the item was ugly. What the %#&^ is the matter with you? I cannot believe someone would behave this way and I want to apologize to SavannahAnn McMillan for having someone do that to her.

So once again, here are some freebie etiquette tips to live by:

1. Do not whine to the designers about their freebies.

In other words, do not message them because their freebie is no longer available. Do not message them because they may have moved their freebie to a new locations. Do not message them demanding they give you a freebie.

2. Do not whine to the designers that the freebie is not your favorite color, style, etc.

This goes with #1. Do not message them that you do not like the color of the freebie. Don’t like the color, buy the item in the color you like. Do not message them that you do not like the bling/sounds/poofer/etc. Don’t like those items, don’t wear them.

3. If you don’t like the freebie, say thank you and move on with your life.

There is no need to dwell on a freebie that you do not like in some way. If you do not like it, delete it. Do NOT sit there by the freebie inside the designer’s store and whine to everyone who comes by in the public chat that you hate the freebie and think it is ugly. This behavior is rude, unprofessional, and downright disgusting. There is no point in complaining about something you just got for free.

4. Stop trying to ruin all the freebies and specials for the rest of us.

Every time you complain to the designers about their free items it makes the rest of us look bad and might prompt that designer not to give out freebies anymore. Do not complain about items you got for free.

5. Be grateful you got anything at all.

Designers are not obligated to give out freebies. They do so out of their own generosity so let’s be grateful to the designers. Say thank you especially if the designer is right there when you are picking up the item.

6. When complimented on your freebie wardrobe, thank the person and offer them the landmark for the store you got the item at. (Suggested by: Devilish Cupcake)

It is always nice to share. When someone tells you that your skin, hair, dress, shoes, etc looks great, offer them a landmark to the store that you got the item from.

7. When unpacking your boxes in a build area, do not be a litterbug. Pick back up or delete your empty box. Do not leave any object on land without the owner’s permission. (Suggested by: Lyselle Munro)

Each parcel can hold a certain number of prim and if you leaving you box lying around on someone’s land it is eating their prim. This is like virtually littering. Give a hoot, don’t pollute.

8. Do not resell your freebie. (Suggested by: Io)

It is unethical to resell your freebie. If the item is transferable and you do not want it anymore, pass it on to a needy newbie who may need the item.

Feel free to add anything to this list.

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9 thoughts on “Freebie Etiquette – We Need a Refresher

  1. The problem that arises about reselling is that I often don’t remember if something was free, or if I bought it. I’m getting ready to weed my inventory drastically (spring cleaning!), and clear out quite a bit, especially the early things I got as a n00b that no longer suit my style. I’m planning on having a yard sale, and charging anywhere from free, up to around L$50 for things, depending on what they are, and who made them. The money won’t begin to cover most of what I paid (even freebies often cost me L$1-L$5 at the time). I just don’t want to delete them to the trash if someone else would like them. But I don’t want to pay L$10 to upload pictures of everything, so I’m not sure how to put them out for sale in a way that people know what they are. Any suggestions?

    Princess Ivory


  2. Unbelievably bad manners, Cherlindrea, on show here. Did no one ever teach these people the correct way to behave?


  3. On your questions, Ivory-

    What’s nice is that you can double-check if something may have been a freebie by searching this blog. And if you’re still not sure, best go with the safe side and only put it forth for a $1. I think the idea put forth here was not to gather up a bunch of freebies and resell them to other people.

    Yard-sale wise, if you don’t feel like uploading pictures in SL, you may try selling your items on SLX or OnRez. You can upload pictures from your desktop there for free.


  4. Thanks, Cherlindrea, but no apology is needed from you at all. And I will add that many people who noticed me there thanked me for the freebie…possibly because they’d read this freebie etiquette list or one like it somewhere? 😉 So thank YOU for including this great list on your blog!


  5. it’s said that this needs to be posted every month or so..Seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?

    To Ivory- another thing you can try is use one large texture sectioned into 10 or so squares and change the way the texture is stretched on the prim so it only shows one picture. I do that lot in my store when I make displays for eyes or skins. It also helps to make the textures rez faster since your actually seeing the same texture 10 times instead of 10 different textures.


  6. One thing to add that couldn’t hurt – if you like the freebie, it would not hurt to drop a note card on the designer thanking them for it. As you have said they do not *have* to give anything away. With the ugly specter of intellectual property theft becoming more prevalent, there is the chance that the designer may decide that it is not worth their while to put a freebie or dollarbie in their store. Let them know you appreciated their efforts.


  7. Whilst I am appreciative of the efforts of many designers giving freebies, there are quite a lot of freebies that seems like unwanted or unfinished work that are tossed out for free just for the sake of it. So any criticisms I have towards a particular freebie or dollarbie I often express them in my blog or website but never so much as standing in front of a shop and declaring it to all. Could this have been a commercial sabotage? Perhaps it has nothing to do with personal opinion which is merely a busybody but something more sinister like a business rival? Are people that free as to stand in front of a shop and denounce a freebie?


  8. As I once told a student who’d complained about how small the amount of money was the US sent the Czech Republic during the devastating floods of a few years ago:
    “When you’re given a gift, you say THANK YOU.”


  9. Thanks for that list of matters of course. It’s always sad to see people lurking around and mourning how ‘bad’ or ‘unfitting’ a freebie is. Thanks heaven i never heard that in my store and i often remember the names of people who say “Thank you”, because they made me smile and feel good to make someone happy. So thanks to everyone who thanks and makes me and the others creators smile 🙂