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The Irish Spirit


SpiritSpirit has a fabulous Irish Step Dancing costume in her store. It is located center stage and costs only $1L. The biggest bonus is this set comes with 8 skins. The full outfit includes the skins, costume, socks, and shoes with modifications for child avatars as well. From the landing point, look north and you will see a wall of options. You want to right click the one that says New Dance Items and teleport. This will bring you center stage. The green dance costume is set to $1L until March 18th.


ALady Female Skins & Shapes: Prim Lashes($0L)
Alady Island(53,49,22)

Here Comes Trouble: Sophia – auburn($1L)
Troubled City(135,205,24)

House of Zen: Full Perm Fantasy Eyes – rainbow brown($0L)
Hindoe Shima(182,24,47)

Spirit: Irish Step Dance Costume Freebie for St. Paddy’s Day($1L)
Plush Tau(48,101,32)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Total Cost: $2L

Fab Cherlindrea

4 thoughts on “The Irish Spirit

  1. Ummm is it just me? or is this suspiciously like Fluky’s Dancing Lass dress???


  2. Have you seen Irish Step Dancing costumes? This is the traditional look to them for parades and competitions. Many of these costumes are handmade using embroidered Celtic patterns obtained from the Book of Kells, Irish stone crosses, and chalices. So you can see that any designers is allowed to make an Irish Step Dancing costume.

    “The girls’ dance costumes have evolved into elaborate works of art themselves, calling on ancient Celtic art as inspiration for their elaborate embroidery and applique.”
    From – http://allaboutirish.com/library/dance/dancehist.shtm

    Pictures of the costumes:


  3. Cherlindrea, you explained it perfectly. All of the real life Irish step dance costumes are extremely similar in their basic design with the long sleeves, high collar, large box pleated short skirt, and a back shawl. The variations come in with the type of fabric used for the dresses (velvet and other nonshiny fabrics for a more traditional look, or sequined or metallic fabrics for the more modern style), the colors and choices of Celtic embroidered appliques, and the shape of the shawl on the back. I absolutely appreciate your concern, Wendy, as content theft is such a huge problem right now. Rest assured, though, I work only from real life photographs and videos for inspiration for all my designs. 🙂


  4. Oh! And I forgot to mention…anyone looking for the child av version of this collection, including the child freebie set, needs to use the SPIRIT Kids teleport button to go to the new SPIRIT Kids dressing room, which is backstage on the right side.