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At SAMARA Studios DAMIANI meets Mau`s & Mej`s


DAMIANI freeSAMARA Studios (Classic Casuals Womens Clothing) gives out a nice St. Paddy`s Signature Tank (3 layers). This top goes great with any jeans, pants or skirts.

SAMARA Studios (Shoes Simply Shoes) also offers free beach sandals in white for girls (and for guys too – it´s the box in the opposite corner).

Pokey Ponnier gave me a tip ways ago that there is nice stuff at DAMIANI´s store. Thank you, Pokey! Sitting on the counter desk is a bag containing Joshua Shirt and Michelle Shirt as well as a box filled with Genofeva Top, Pomj Jeans with belt and PomJ Jeans in brown/green. Pretty clothes and perfect to match with others.

DAMIANI FREE SHIRTSdamianisamarastuff.jpg

At Mau`s & Mej`s main store I found dollarbie hairstyles pictured on the wall. There is Ranma anime flexhair (aqua/aqua with hat, brown/brown with hat), the male hair Randolph (blond, brown, punk final, final brown) and Pigies+Bijoux (2 pigies in blond, 3 pigies in blond, ponytail blond+bijoux). Check out the store, there is more great stuff.


Cher`s HodgePodge Skin Scarlet (0 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL , Talisman 230/192/24

RanmaAnimeFlexHair (1 L), Randolph (1 L)

Pigies+Bijoux (1 L)

Mau`s & Mej`s MainStore,Dibacco 153/237/112

St.Paddy`s Signature Tank (0 L)

CCWC SamaraStudios, Gembong West 235/117/31

Free Beach Sandals for gals and guys (0 L)

ShoesSimplyShoes SamaraStudios,GembongWest 232/151/31

Genofeva Top, PomjJeans blue and brown/green, belt

Joshua Tee, Michelle Tee (0 L)

DAMIANI, Plush Micron 172/107/23

Elise 2 Mary Janes black (0 L)

TeslaFlagship, Tesla 42/59/74
Fab Hazel

Author: hsm


3 thoughts on “At SAMARA Studios DAMIANI meets Mau`s & Mej`s

  1. I’m not trying to be mean but did you ever think about buying a good female shape or even pick up a free one? The one that you are using kind of makes you look like a man in girl clothes jmo


  2. Hmmm …. you don´t like my shape, Paige? *lol*

    Well, that´s my shape, it´s very near to my “real shape” (just a bit older). I don´t have a small waist and wide hips and a big butt. I´ve just a boyish shape except for my boobs. And my shoulders are a bit broader than my hips. And I don´t need to flattern my butt because my butt is small and flat *lol*

    And no, no, no – I never thought about buying ( not even when the shape would be fre) another female shape because I like mine better. I feel good with this shape ….. female in a boyish kind 😉


  3. Hazel shows that everyone had a different shape as in the real world. Just because it is not someone else’s ideal does not mean it is not Hazel’s ideal.