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The Irish Spirit

SpiritSpirit has a fabulous Irish Step Dancing costume in her store. It is located center stage and costs only $1L. The biggest bonus is this set comes with 8 skins. The full outfit includes the skins, costume, socks, and shoes with modifications for child avatars as well. From the landing point, look north and you will see a wall of options. You want to right click the one that says New Dance Items and teleport. This will bring you center stage. The green dance costume is set to $1L until March 18th.


ALady Female Skins & Shapes: Prim Lashes($0L)
Alady Island(53,49,22)

Here Comes Trouble: Sophia – auburn($1L)
Troubled City(135,205,24)

House of Zen: Full Perm Fantasy Eyes – rainbow brown($0L)
Hindoe Shima(182,24,47)

Spirit: Irish Step Dance Costume Freebie for St. Paddy’s Day($1L)
Plush Tau(48,101,32)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Total Cost: $2L

Fab Cherlindrea


At SAMARA Studios DAMIANI meets Mau`s & Mej`s

DAMIANI freeSAMARA Studios (Classic Casuals Womens Clothing) gives out a nice St. Paddy`s Signature Tank (3 layers). This top goes great with any jeans, pants or skirts.

SAMARA Studios (Shoes Simply Shoes) also offers free beach sandals in white for girls (and for guys too – it´s the box in the opposite corner).

Pokey Ponnier gave me a tip ways ago that there is nice stuff at DAMIANI´s store. Thank you, Pokey! Sitting on the counter desk is a bag containing Joshua Shirt and Michelle Shirt as well as a box filled with Genofeva Top, Pomj Jeans with belt and PomJ Jeans in brown/green. Pretty clothes and perfect to match with others.

DAMIANI FREE SHIRTSdamianisamarastuff.jpg

At Mau`s & Mej`s main store I found dollarbie hairstyles pictured on the wall. There is Ranma anime flexhair (aqua/aqua with hat, brown/brown with hat), the male hair Randolph (blond, brown, punk final, final brown) and Pigies+Bijoux (2 pigies in blond, 3 pigies in blond, ponytail blond+bijoux). Check out the store, there is more great stuff.


Cher`s HodgePodge Skin Scarlet (0 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL , Talisman 230/192/24

RanmaAnimeFlexHair (1 L), Randolph (1 L)

Pigies+Bijoux (1 L)

Mau`s & Mej`s MainStore,Dibacco 153/237/112

St.Paddy`s Signature Tank (0 L)

CCWC SamaraStudios, Gembong West 235/117/31

Free Beach Sandals for gals and guys (0 L)

ShoesSimplyShoes SamaraStudios,GembongWest 232/151/31

Genofeva Top, PomjJeans blue and brown/green, belt

Joshua Tee, Michelle Tee (0 L)

DAMIANI, Plush Micron 172/107/23

Elise 2 Mary Janes black (0 L)

TeslaFlagship, Tesla 42/59/74
Fab Hazel


QUICKIE: Tiny Seadog´s Mami Skins, another BABY MONKEY and KA Designs

KA DESIGNS SUBSCRIBE RUMER DRESSHurry! I just received the new gift by KA Designs and it´s adorable, well done! It comes with top, pants, prim skirt and stockings – but remember the subscribe-o-matic gifts from KA Designs are only available for a very short time! To get the Rumer Dress tp over to KA Designs store, outside is the subscribe-sign. Touch it, you will be added to the group. Touch it again, go to History now and click the first option dated Mar 12 , subject A free gift for my customers. Click exit, be patient, you will receive the Rumer Dress in a few minutes.

And while you are waiting take a look at the clearance section and the new releases!

Tiny Seadog offers MAMI Skins in a fatpack for free. The freebie is pictured on the wall at your landingpoint.

MAMI skins come in butterscotch, coffee, milk and toffee -each skin tone in 12 different make ups. I show you butterscotch brown shadow/light glossy lips, coffee no shadow/natural lips, milk brown shadow/peach lips and toffee green shadow. Pretty skins!

Tiny Seadog MAMI Skins Fatpack freeMoppeh hair Philotic Energy

And now hurry again! BABY MONKEY`s new gift contains red&gold brocade pumps with matching (animated) purse and it´s amazing, as usual. I don´t know how long the freebie box will be sitting on the ground, better go now. The free box with shamrock pumps is still there, too.

I´m wearing Moppeh hair in blonde, a dollarbie hairstyle by PHILOTIC Energy, as well as Phoebe hair in white- blackened by ETD (thumbs).


Mami Skins Fatpack/Tiny Seadog (0 L)

Tableau 172/86/22

Moppeh Hair (1 L)

PHILOTIC ENERGY, Imogen 165/162/22

PHOEBE Hair (1 L)

ETD, ETD Isle 182/184/31

Rumer Dress (subscribe-o-matic groupgift 0 L)

KA Designs, Fair Isle 239/110/32

Red&Gold brocade pumps + purse (0 L)

BABY MONKEY, Neuntoter 63/202/33
Fab Hazel

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Quickie: Styled by GIZ`Z and TEKUTEKU

GIZ free WAVE DRESS GREEN subscribeWhat a precious tip on the hotline, thank you! Immediatly I tped over to GIZ`Z GIZMO`S and touched the subscribe-o-matic outside the store. ( Click it again, now you have to choose History, and then click the first notice dated Mar 11,08 – subject Here`s a gift to all of you. Click exit and be patient, you will receive the wonderful Wave Dress Green in a few minutes).

This dress isn´t only for St.Patrick´s Day, it can be worn all over the year whenever you are in a green mood. Wave Dress Green comes with pants, flexi skirt and top (with sleeves, no sleeves). It´s only available as a subscribe-o-matic group gift in green until St.Patrick`s Day. So better go now. You will love this dress with it´s nice detailed top and the swinging skirt.

GIZ free dress backGIZ dress detail SpecialHair2008 dollarbie TEKUTEKUU

The hairstyles are available as dollarbies at TEKUTEKU Hair. WD Special Hair 2008 comes in such a nice contrasting color for green dresses and it´s cute. Freebie Hair Mens comes in black and it goes great for girls too. Freebie Hair and Freebie Hair 2 are female styles in brown with pretty accessoires. What do I like best? Hard to make up my mind but I think it will be the male style.

TEKUTEKUU dollarbie hair

Cher´s IrishCream Skin/shamrock (0L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

Evergreen eyes (5pack free eyes 0 L)

MKNoaomi, Quenloo 135/232/48

Wave Dress Green (subscribe gift 0 L)

GIZ`Z GIZMO`S, Anala 215/212/79

FreebieHair2 (1 L), FreebieHairMens (1L)

WDSpecialHair 2008 (1 L),FreebieHair (1L)

TEKUTEKU Hair, Shinjuku 71/157/22

Black Elise2 Heels (0L)

TESLAFlagship, Tesla 42/59/74

Fab Hazel


Solange Lucky Chair DressReading the Fashion Feeds I found a post by SOLANGE!. There´s a Lucky Chair now in the store and it´s filled with an absolutely amazing St. Patrick`s Day Dress named Devotion Dress in Green. And it can also be worn when St. Patrick´s is over. Well, you have to wait until your letter is coming up, but it´s worth the time (look around at the other dresses and stuff!) and there are many wildcat rounds with questionmarks too. Don´t miss the Devotion Dress in Green which comes with top, pants and prim skirt (3 sizes).

And PHILOTIC ENERGY makes us happy by giving out a matching St. Patty´s hair style. It´s available for 1 Linden and you can get in only at the mainstore. Wyuna Green Stripes is pictured on the wall almost in the middle of the other free hairstyles (go upstairs and turn to your rightside).


At MKNaomi there´s a vendor giving out a pack of 5 free eyes (azure, coolblue, dilated pupil, evergreen, very dilated pupil – most of them tintable), free WOW 3 D glasses and a pack of free Graffiti Walls. Don´t miss the Lucky Chair and check out the well done glasses.

SOLANGE LuckyChair DressMKNaomi freee yes

Cher´s Irish Cream Skin/shamrock (0 L)

Fabulously Free in SL,Talisman 230/192/24

5 free eyes – worn evergreen (0 L)

MK Naomi, Quenloo 135/232/48

Devotion Dress in Green (Lucky Chair 0 L)

SOLANGE!, Wall 232/183/98

Wyuna Green Stripes Hair (1 L)

PHILOTIC ENERGY, Imogen 200/125/34

Elise2 heels black (0 L)

TESLAFlagship, Tesla 42/59/74
Fab Hazel