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Quickie: SYD MOONTANs me in a BAROQUE green

SYD Shamrock Kanti dollarbieSYD Style Your Destiny offers a lovely Shamrock Kanti Dress which comes with stockings (green, lightgreen, darkgreen), skirt, pants (2 layers) and shirt (2 layers). The dollarbie is located at the second floor.

I matched it with nice Super Cannes Emerald heels by BAROQUE Shoes. The shoes are the group gift for March.

Do a search in groups for the group called BAROQUE UPDATE Group. (When I do a group search I use the phrase baroque shoes and it is the 1st choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 03/09/2008 with the subject March Free Gift. Click Open/Save Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a box with heels from Baroque Shoes. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives.

To celebrate St. Patrick´s Day also MOONTAN´S is giving out a new freebie. There are cute clover earrings and a belly button in the freebie box. It´s there only for a limited time.




Cher´s Hodge Podge Skin Scarlet (FabFree group gift 0 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 231/190/24

Hair Berri in carrot (1 L)

TRUTH TheManor,Sweet Sorrow 106/121/26

Shamrock Kanti Dress (1 L)

SYD StyleYourDestiny, Granymyr 222/189/40

Super Cannes Emerald heels (group gift 0 L)

BAROQUE Shoes@TwinTowers,Foresta 152/33/27

Clover earrings and belly button (0 L)

MOONTAN´S@K&K, Starfish 221/219/33

Fab Hazel

Quickie: ADAM N EVE Polka Dots

Adam n Eve Free GiftsThere are 2 Catwalk Launch Gifts (male and female) at ADAM N EVE. I don´t know how long the gifts will be there so you better hurry.

For the guys (and we lucky girls can wear it too) there is the Polka Grey Silk Shirt which comes with collared shirt and collarless shirt to fit with collar and cuffs attachments. Just click the sign “Free Gift”! It´s not pictured! Here´s the TP.

For the girls there is a cute Polka Dot Dress! It comes with pants, top and 3 skirt options. Also it´s not pictured, click the sign “Free Gift” and here´s the TP.

Adam n Eve free women gift skirt options

The nice  turban hair and MUI roses I grabbed at Kauai – Cher told you about this place in the KSS MALL WHITE DAY EVENT blogpost. Both items are free and when you wear the single rose you take up a lovely pose. To use the 99 roses just use your groundsit or any chair and wear the roses. You can adjust the roses to your personal taste. I´m sitting in a ring of roses.

MUI Roses

Just in addition to the free items at RAHZ Fashion: there are 2 freebies for men on a table in the men´s section. I´ve almost overseen it. A nice pink sweater with two scarfs and a box with free glasses.

RAHZ free sweaterMUI free turban hair RAHZ free glasses

Liare Prune Skin (SkinFair 0 L)

Splashing Doll Skins, Afton 130/205/124

Elise 2 Heels Black (0 L)

Tesla Flagship!, Tesla 42/59/74

Glasses, Sweater&Scarf (0 L)

RAHZ Fashion, Dentro 197/19/108

Seri Turban Hair, MUI Roses (0 L)

MUI, Kauai 190/160/21

Polka Dot Shirt, Polka Dot Dress (0 L) Fab Hazel

ADAM N EVE, Genesis 12/149/23

FH Nekos Me with Rahz and Good Crap

FH Skins, Crap, RahzFH Skins has a neko skin in a light tan color. Head north from the landing point and then turn left after the lanterns. The last shop on the right is FH Skins. On the bottom left side of the west wall is the vendor for the free neko skin.

Crap has a few accessories for $1L. There is a cute journalistic bag and a pearl necklace with scarf. They are located inside the shop in the back right corner on the table.

Rahz has several freebies in the shop, some of which are unisex. They are located inside the store to the left on a long table along the windows. There are gift boxes in all. They also gave Fashion Consolidated a free pair of black shorts. Do a search in groups for the group called Fashion Consolidated. (When I do a group search I use the phrase fashion consolidated and it is the top choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Go to the one dated 3/9/2008 with the subject FREE GIFT. Click Open Attachment. Do this for each box. You are now the proud owner of boxes that contain shorts from Rahz. Be sure to grab them all before they expire. So hurry!

FH Skins, Crap, RahzFH Skins, Crap, RahzFH Skins, Crap, RahzFH Skins, Crap, Rahz

FH Skins, Crap, RahzFH Skins, Crap, RahzFH Skins, Crap, Rahz

ALady Female Skins & Shapes: Prim Lashes($0L)
Alady Island(53,49,22)

Crap: Journalistic Bag($1L), Pearl & Purple Necklace($1L)
Russel Bay(169,235,26)

FH Skins: Tan Neko Girl -dark lippy($0L)

Frangipani: Kylie – espresso($1L)

Peppermint Kisses: Neko Red Eyes($0L group gift)

Rahz:Stacy Black/Pink Heels with Nova Jeans & Blusa Bora Verde($0L), Conjuto Jeans Outfit($0L), Bota de Pelagem($0L), Stacey Black Bra & Panties($0L), Short Nany($0L group gift)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Total Cost: $4L

Fab Cherlindrea