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Reader’s Choice – Top 5 Places for Clothes

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Cherlindrea Lamont is on vacation from Feb 26th to March 4th. Please submit all in world tips to Hazel Homewood.

This list comes from a poll of the readers on the best places for free or $1L clothes. This does not include group gifts or limited time items.

1. PixelDolls
has several freebie clothing sets like the Cimarron collection, the Celeste dresses and some casual wear.
These items can be found at Port Seraphine(19,162,27).
These items were originally blogged in Pixel Party Princess and PixelDolls Cimarron Set.

2. Talisman
has a wall of free and $1L items many of which are clothing items.
There items are located inside the store to the left at Talisman(173,100,27).
These items were originally blogged in Talisman Makes Me Feel Silky.

3. ❤ Cupcakes
❤ Cupcakes
has an entire floor for free items that include many clothing pieces.
There are items located inside the entrance to the left and at PopFuzz(124,206,35).

4. Bossa Nova
Bossa Nova
has a beautiful freebie dress as well as giving out gift often to her update group.
The free items are located on the back wall to the right at Armour(183,60,27).
There items were originally blogged in Bossa Nova Dresses the Day.

5. Ingenue
has several casual and dressy free and $1L items.
The items are located inside to the right at Born(98,43,32).
These items were originally blogged in A Wrinkle in Ingenue.

Honorable mentions went to Evie’s Closet, CoverGirl, INDI Designs, and Icing.

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