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Reader’s Choice – Top 5 Places for AO Related Items


Cherlindrea Lamont is on vacation from Feb 26th to March 4th. Please submit all in world tips to Hazel Homewood.

This list comes from a poll of the readers on the best places for free or $1L AO related items. This does not include group gifts or limited time items.

1. Long Awkward Pose
Long Awkward Pose
has several boxes of free poses.
The poses are located inside the entrance to the right at Carolina Beach(23,150,24).
These items were originally blogged in Vintage Clothing Flapper.

2. AnimaH
has several free poses that work well to build an AO.
The poses are located at Sedna(184,103,28)
These items were originally blogged in AnnaH Animates Me for Christmas.

3. Juicy(aka Go Lolita)
Juicy has many animations packs for $1L. Sorry, everyone, these are apparently now from $350L to $1500L. Wow.
These poses are located at Juicy(200,124,24)
These items were originally blogged in Firelies on the Night Sky and LAVISH STYLE is posing as a JUICY Kawaii Girl.

4. AnaLu
has a pack with several poses in it for free.
These poses are located at Stellar Isle(98,35,24).
These items were originally blogged in FH Skins the Blue Hearts off AnaLu.

5. Mistress Midnight
Mistress Midnight
has made many of the poses that we find for free. (Tagged as *MM* Model pose #).
These pose are pretty much at any freebie place. I have placed them in a Pose Kit with credit to Mistress Midnight at Talisman(230,192,24).

Honorable mentions are Lemania’s Hollywood Shop, She’s So Unusual Shoes, SL Design Family, and freebie sexy walk.

4 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice – Top 5 Places for AO Related Items

  1. The Juicy packs are no longer free, as far as I know.


  2. A little correction: the free poses are *ONLY* at the pink house (blogged here earlier) and at my Stellar Isle location.


  3. I was scrolling the feed and saw LAP mentioned and wow…just wanted to pause and say thank you to all the fabfree readers – I really appreciate knowing that you guys enjoy the free poses I put out! It motivates me to do more. 😉 So – thank you very much!


  4. oh wow thanks mistress midnight for the great freebie poses. i never knew who made them and i still to this day use them in my modeling rotations. they are classics and thanks for giving them out!