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AUDACIOUS – Dare To Be Different! Opening Gifts and Treasures!

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AUDACIOUS OPENING GIFTSAUDACIOUS opened yesterday – but don´t be afraid the opening gifts are still there for about a week. So catch the next TP over to Bade Audacious` store, take a look around and don´t forget to touch the subsribe-o-matic inside the store.

The freebie bags are sitting on a long table (if anyone cannot find the bags there are 2 reasons: not yet rezzed or you need glasses). Well, however *grin* – I was amazed at the generous gifts and much more amazed at the great outfits. Funny, lovely, cute dresses in bright colors! My favorites are the pants, of course. I love the Capri Set (capris and bikini) and Ella Rose (cuffed pants and flexi skirt), the Retro Outfit and Fall Brown Dress as well as Lovely Pink (BabyDoll and flexi skirt), Bubble Gum Pink and Any Day Dress (comes in pink and purple). Wooh!

A little audacious bird (thank you!) was singing to me about more freebies and fun with a live DJ and a treasure hunt at 4 pm SLT. You have to find treasure boxes scattered all over the store or somewhere else … don´t ask me, tp over to AUDACIOUS and Dare To Be Different! Good luck, freekz, and don´t forget to be grateful 😉


AnotherSkinMode H20 by Arbel (group gift 0 L)

WINTER MOON, Koreshan 70/71/24

All outfits/dresses/pants/swimwear (opening gifts 0 L)

ADACIOUS-DareToBeDifferent!, Oleander 175/112/23

Elise 2 Heels (0 L)

Tesla Flagship!, Tesla 35/78/54
Fab Hazel

Author: hsm


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