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Tonight I celebrate IVALDE for you

IVALDE Arielle Maroon Empire Dress group giftIVALDE takes the 3rd place at the Top 5 Designer Update Groups (post written by Cherlindrea Lamont) and to celebrate the good news all group members will be pleased with a gift just made for this: the amazing Arielle Maroon Empire Dress.

Thank you!

Do a search in groups for the group called Ivalde,Embla&Ask Design group. (When I do a group search I use the phrase ivalde and it is the third choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Wear your group tag! Tp over to Ivalde´s store and get your group gift by clicking the sign inside the store. And do it NOW, it´s only available this weekend. (Quickie)

I´d rather want Cher to show this wonderful Arielle Maroon Empire Dress but she´s not here *sigh*. So I have the honor to wear the dress but Cher, tonight I celebrate IVALDE for you!

Well, however …….uhm, I don´t know why I´m a bit affected but I am …. I´m sure you all will love the Arielle Dress to pieces because it makes you feel like a princess or a countess or just like a beautiful woman.

IVALDE ARIELLE MAROON EMPIRE DRESS group gift celebrating 3rd place at top5 designer update groups

Cher´s RezDay Skin (group gift 0 L)

BW Hair Prue faded (1 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

Bewitched Hair, Lemon Island 126/124/23

ARIELLE MAROON EMPIRE DRESS (groupgift limited time 0L)

Ivalde,Embla&AskDesign, Ivalde 93/184/37

Ada Shoes No 3 black (0 L)

ADA Store, Fontaine 39/104/52
Fab Hazel



CC ElephantOutfitters Jeans DutchTouch gift jeans WintermoonTee DiffTeeThere are too many designers to list in the headline, I´m sorry. I will list them now in no order:

DutchTouch – D!FF – Sey – Wintermoon – Copykat – NumNum – PoppyDesigns – Tesla – CC Discount

DutchTouch gives out a lot of group gifts as great jeans and funny tees. Outside next to the entrance of DUTCH TOUCH is the subscribe-o-matic sign. Click the sign to subscribe. Now click the sign again. Click History. Click 2/3/4/6. It should be Feb 21/Feb23/Feb25/Feb25 08: Hiya!Thanks …./Free Jeans for her+him …/Hya…Free Smile Tank ../Mondaymistake … In a few second (maybe more, be patient) you will receive jeans, smile tank, sheepless tank and underknee socks (you can find all items in your Clothing Folder). This items are only going to be available as long as the designer chooses. So hurry!

D!FF has added 2 items (maybe you already know it) to her freebie wall into the sandpit. Vintage Mustard Bow Shirt and Pump Up`d Volume Tank – don´t miss it.

Shop:Sey offers 2 free tank tops, a free unisex tee, silverbangles and belt and some other stuff as a free skull porch and heart. Inside the store to your rightside next the entrance is a flat box (or whatever this is *grin*) marked with “sey free mix”. The items marked with “Freebie” you can get when joining the group. I didn´t because my grouplist is full (and this post is getting longer and longer ……..) but I´m sure it´s worth joining the group!

Next you tp over to WINTERMOON´s. Still available is the cute Valentine Hoodie which comes with shirt and without, with down or up hoodie. The other box contains 2 casual Wintermoon Tees. Boxes are outside next the entrance, you have to pay 1 Linden per box.

At NumNum`s you get a male and female t-shirt for free (boxes are outside next the entrance). The female tee comes with tee and bra (wear the bra or do not, the tee is lucent). Well done t-shirts with a touch of Neko.

POPPY Designs also offers 2 nice free tees: Venice Beach Tee, Logo Tee Kiwi and black stockings. Freebies are inside the small shop on the table.

At least I had to take a look at Casual Clothes Discount. This tip comes from Aeron Waechter, thank you! At your landingpoint turn to your left and step into the store. You will see pictured jeans. They are all 1 Linden except the black one L 65) and the short jeans. There´s another similar picture inside with female jeans for 1 L. Before you click the “buy” button make sure the right amount is shown!

The jeans are very well done (Elephant Outfitters). Take your pick or buy all! Check out the other items – it´s a 50 % off sale!

NUMNUM Tee SEY TeeSmileTee DutchTouchDIFF Tee POPPY Tee

Hair Braids Galore (Lucky Chair 0 L)

Copykat, Atlit 45/145/63

Elise 2 Heels (o L)

Tesla FlagshipStore, Tesla 42/79/54

WintermonnTees,Valentine Hoodie (1 L each)

WM Wintermoon, Koreshan 70/71/24

PistolTank, silver belt and bangles-SeyFreeMix(0 L)

Shop:Sey, Yawgoo 198/232/101

Jeans,SmileTee,SheeplessTee,underknee socks (group 0 L)

DUTCH TOUCH, Willow Beach 31/224/33

PumpUp`dVolume Tee,VintageMustardBowTee (0 L)

!DIFF Main, La Reina 197/135/23

NumNum`s female and male tee (0 L)

Fab Hazel

NUM NUM, Rye Beach 117/178/22

VeniceBeachTee,LogoTee,black stockings (0 L)

POPPY Designs, Venice Beach 76/239/25

(ElephantOutfitters)FarmerBrownJeansDirtyWash (1L)

CasualClothesDiscount, Maroon 71/61/33

Elephant Outfitters, Armidi 106/71/28

Reader’s Choice – Top 5 Places for Eyes

Cherlindrea Lamont is on vacation from Feb 26th to March 4th. Please submit all in world tips to Hazel Homewood.

This list comes from a poll of the readers on the best places for free or $1L eyes. This does not include group gifts or limited time items.

Favorite Eye Freebie/Dollarbie:
1. Talisman
has $1L eyes.
The eyes are located to the left inside the store at .
These items were originally blogged in Talisman(173,100,27).
These items were originally blogged in Talisman Makes Me Feel Silky.

2. L Word Orientation
L Word Orientation
has free eyes in their avatar kits.
The eyes are located in the avatar kits that you follow the large pink arrows in the ground to get to at The L Word Orientation(94,120,27).
These items were originally blogged in L Word is Sin Skins w/ High Fashion.

3. FabFree HQ
FabFree HQ
has a collection free resell eyes.
The eyes are located on the top shelf of the left shelving unit at Talisman(230,192,24).

4. Shapes by Zada
Shapes by Zada
has a nice collection of free eyes.
The eyes are located inside the entrance on the front left wall at Talisman(83,139,23).
These items were originally blogged in Zada Shapes Sylfie’s Designs.

5. Style Your Destiny
Style Your Destiny
has a box of free eyes and sevearl $1L eyes.
The eyes are located on the second floor along the far wall and in the vendor at Granymyr(243,189,40).
They were originally blogged in Sin Skins: New Resident’s Pack.

Honorable mentions go to group gifts and special edition eyes from Nora, Sin Skins, and Big Booty, Big Money.

Quickie: LISA offers GaZoV A PIECE OF CANDY on a FLUKY day at DASPU

PIECE OF CANDY FLUKY LISAAs promised A PIECE OF CANDY sent out a free skin (Photo Shelly Face Meduim 1, dark skin) to all group members and as a surprise a lovely Yellow Vintage Cardigan was included! I love surprises and cardigans 🙂 So if you missed to touch the subscribe kiosk next the entrance at A PIECE OF CANDY shop do it now.

LISA´S THINGS offers another free item of the week . This time you´ll get a Green Sweater (an only the green one is free!). Great, just my style – love it, too. Go now, it´s a limited time offer.

FLUKY makes me happy by sending out pants as a group gift – Ish Pants. Well done casual pants perfect to match with every tee or sweater !

Do a search in groups for the group called Fluky. (When I do a group search I use the phrase fluky and it is the 1st choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 2/29/2008 with the subject Random Gifting. Click Open Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a Ish Pants from Fluky. You will find the pants in your Clothing Folder! This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives.

GazovGazov store

Greta Gazov of GaZoV DeSiGnS was so kind to inform me about the freebie box she´s offering in her store. Thank you, Greta! The box is located inside the store in a corner, a bit hidden but take a look around. What you get for free are silk shirts in black and gray, skull shirt in black, racing bag, asian TL bg, natural BN bag, spikes belt, armband and choker. A lot of amazing items to mix and match. My favorites are the bags.

EDIT: Maybe the freebie box doesnt work – please, be patient! Greta Gazov is already informed about this issue (or maybe it was just me can´t get the box!).


At least tp over to DASPU Clothes & Outfits. Next the vote sign there are many boxes offered for 5 L but also a almost free box (jeans, bikini, cami, top …). Check out the Lucky Chairs in the back part of the store, there are a lot and you can win cute clothes as Tweety Jeans and Jackets or Baby Duffle Duck Underwear or boxer shorts! There are clothes and underwear for men, too.


Dark Photo Shelly Face Medium 1 Skin (group gift 0 L)

Yellow Vintage Sweater (group gift 0 L)

A PIECE OF CANDY, Taranatha 187/144/45

Silk/Skullz Shirts,belts, bags, choker, armband (0 L)

GaZoV DeSiGnS, Buncheong 206/212/21

Ish Pants (group gift 0 L)

Fab Hazel

FLUKY, Gateaux Boulevard 96/138/22

Green Sweater (free item of the week o L)

LISA´S THINGS, Earth 117/102/27


Boxers ( Lucky Chair0 L)

DASPU Clothes&Outfits, Morestello 145/178/71

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Reader’s Choice – Top 5 Places for Shoes

Cherlindrea Lamont is on vacation from Feb 26th to March 4th. Please submit all in world tips to Hazel Homewood.

This list comes from a poll of the readers on the best places for free or $1L shoes. This does not include group gifts or limited time items.

1. Tesla
has a free pair of sculptie mary jane shoes.
The shoes are located in the back of the store sitting in the window at Tesla(65,96,54).
This item was originally blogged in Bewitched My Tuli Tesla and All you need is love … and a TESLA – KUROTSUBAKI outfit, too.

2. Maitreya
has a free pair of black heels.
The shoes are located between the two main doorways on a bench at Glam World 2(183,174,26).
This item was originally blogged in Coquette is FabFree with Exile.

3. She’s So Unusual Shoes
She’s So Unusual Shoes
has several shoes for $1L and free.
The shoes can be found at Redux NM(149,196,22).
These items were originally blogged in Marly Has Unusual Skin Flicks.

4. Digit Darkes
Digit Darkes
has a few pairs of $1L shoes.
The shoes are located at Addictive(38,121,22)
These items were originally blogged in LaynieWears Digit Darkes Mary Janes.

5. ZHAO Shoes
ZHAO Shoes
has a free pair of heels.
These shoes are located in an ad on the wall located at Le Zoo(118,27,22).
This item was originally blogged in Calla Anniversary Items and Second Style Gifts.

Honorable mentions go to Digital Dragon Designs, Shiny Things, and Aphrodite Creations.