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Bossa Nova Dresses the Day


Bossa NovaI took a break from my vacation blogging madness to get this done for you guys. Remember I go on vacation tomorrow night until Mar 4th. There will be reader’s choice blogs and some other stuff during my abcense so stay tuned.

I am not sure how I missed blogging this except to say that I have blogged so many fabulous group items from Bossa Nova that somehow in my mind I was convinced I had already blogged these dresses. The Lucia dress set is located inside the store towards the back wall on the far right. It comes in both black and white versions of the dress.

I read in Linden Lifestyles that Encore has free Sit n Spins. You remember those toys? They are the ones that you sit on and spin yourself around until you are dizzy and then you get up, try to walk around, and fall down. It is a lot of fun!

Bossa NovaEncore

ALady Female Skins & Shapes: Prim Lashes($0L)
Alady Island(53,49,22)

Bossa Nova: Lucia Dress – black & white($0L)

Encore: Sit n Spin($0L)
Austin Island(185,180,23)
House of Zen: Full Perm Fantasy Eyes – rainbow brown($0L)
Hindoe Shima(182,24,47)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Tesla: Black Mary Janes($0L)

Truth: Nelly – brunette dark($1L)
Sweet Sorrowl(89,120,27)

Tuli: S5 Skin Natural 1- medium($0L – group gift)
Le Zoo(61,167,22)

Total Cost: $2L

Fab Cherlindrea

3 thoughts on “Bossa Nova Dresses the Day

  1. I´m so dizzy, my head is spinning`………. omg, what an old song *lol*

    Thanks for posting this free funny toy 🙂

    Wish you wonderful and relaxing vacation, enjoy it!

    Hazel *feeling all alone* 🙂


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