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FLUKY moments of a FRIDAY´S GIRL


FRIDAY´S GIRL FLAIR OUTFITSLazing around today …. not able to change my clothes or wear hair ….. SL seems to hate me more as usual and wrapped me in a mystery gray. I must say there are people all over the grid making much more better skins than this gray one I had to wear for hours today! For example, FLUKY!

At FLUKY´s you can buy now 2 very well done skins (AnotherSkin MakeUp Mods) for 1 L each. Rave Skin (darker skin tone and two-toned lips) and Belle Morte Skin (light skin tone, heart-shaped upper lip, gothic touch) are pictured on the bargains wall (now inside the store, at your right when you step in).

FLUKY Belle Morte SkinFLUKY Rave Skin

And there´s even a Lucky Chair at FLUKY´s store filled with the new released EMO Dress. What are you waiting for? Maybe, luck is on your side!

While being gray-skinned and wearing a bald (omg, how awkward!) I checked out FRIDAY`s GIRL Custome Depot. There are wonderful dresses and costumes, it´s a wide store. And 4 Lucky Chairs are located next the entrance as well as 2 prize chairs (60 min/180 min to get the pictured outfit). There are also reduced dresses (boxes, 12 L – 23 L)) placed between the Lucky`s and this nice game “Guess what´s in the box”. While waiting for my first letter to be shown I guessed a lot and at least I guessed it – my Flair in Teal Outfit! Just click the rotating cube and you will get instructions how to play.

Well, at least my “H” turned up (twice!) and I tped home with Flair in Red and Teal Outfit and a cute Valentines Baby Doll in my luggage! Oooh, and 6 Linden richer! There´s a Random Trivia, too – if your answer is right you will get 2 Linden.


Wedge sandals I´m wearing in the picture I found someday at HAYSURIZA`s store. I checked it out right before posting this, the freebie box is still located inside the shop on the counter.

And the hair! The hair is the male hair ELECTRIC by GuRL6. It´s part of the GuRL6 Freebie Bag (Updated) and you will get it at PRIMFactory for free. (I checked out the freebie bag at GuRL 6, too – but Electric hair isn´t in it). The box is sitting on a table and it is pink and black and marked with “Freebie”. At your landingpoint there´s an TP-station with small colored points. The white point is the tp to the freebies.

So my day was turning out well and I`m able to show you all I´ve got!


Rave Skin, Belle Morte Skin (1 Linden each)

FLUKY, Gateaux Boulevard 96/138/22

Cher´s RezDay Skin (group gift 0 L)

FabFree, Talisman 230/192/24

Flair in Teal, Flair in Red, Valentines Baby Doll (Lucky Chair prizes, o L)

FRIDAY´s GIRL Costume Depot, Murderous Motion 27/128/13

GURL6 male hair Electric (part of updated freebie box, o L)

PRIMFactory Free items from established designers) 69/165/31

GURL6, GuRLyWood 112/58/33

Wedge Sandales (0 L)

HAYSURIZA MainStore, Osaka 138/49/21

Black Elise Mary Jane Heels (0L)

TESLA, Tesla 42/59/74
Fab Hazel

Author: hsm


6 thoughts on “FLUKY moments of a FRIDAY´S GIRL

  1. i can’t find anything at

    PRIMFactory Free items from established designers) 69/165/31

    all spanish, all giant…
    where the h*** is there something ???


  2. Xenia, take a deep breath. I am not sure why you are being confrontational with this comment. I went and checked myself. There are tables with freebies by established designers at PrimFactory. Although this area is Portuguese, the freebie area is signed with the English word “Freebie”. From the landing point, the northwest doorway says something about Freebies. You head down the stairs and there are kiosk tables. Each table has a different theme. There are items here from established designers like: GuRL 6, Insolence, LaynieWear, SkyShop, Style Your Destiny, Another Shop, AnimaH, and more.


  3. Xenia, you´re under freebie-stress!Slow down, please 🙂
    Why don´t you read? There´s a TP-station, click the white small point …. it´s in english ….

    Quote: ….at PRIMFactory for free. The box is sitting on a table and it is pink and black and marked with “Freebie”. At your landingpoint there´s an TP-station with small colored points. The white point is the tp to the freebies.

    Cher is showing you another way to find the freebies .. so all will come to a good end, I hope. Have a nice day 🙂


  4. i love Friday’s Girl. but, I still havn’t figured out how to win with the box in the corner. it says soemthing about channel 0.
    what is that?


  5. Hi Klogem,

    chanel 0 means the chat line. Nothing else. Wait until the cube stops rotating and then just type in the name of the clothes and be sure to wait about 6 seconds before you type the next name. You must type the clothes name correctly, too. So watch carefully.


  6. thanks Hazel!