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I`m a FabFree GOTHY girl made by INARI/HOP SCOTCH/POCHETTE/DBDesigns


Do you know the song “This Kiss” by Faith Hill? It´s the way you love me ….. it´s not only the way Cherlindrea Lamont loves us by giving out such an amazing skin BUT:

It´s the way Cher skins me – it´s a feeling like this – it´s centrifugal motion – it´s perpetual bliss – it´s that pivotal moment – it´s impossible — This skin, this skin ……… and so on

Awesome good looking skin, Cher! Thank you!

Inare Uniqolo HopScotch love white sweaterTo pay tribute to this FabFree Red Goth skin I decided to wear only white, black and a touch of red. An extreme look.

The INARI Uniquolo Black Dress comes with pants, shirt, skirt, belt and I paired it with knit socks by POCHETTE, Ada Shoes No 2, DB Designs heart tassle necklace and TRUTH`s Izzy in burgundy black.

I´ve grabbed the dress at Japan Shopping Mall, your landingpoint is almost in front of the box with Uniquolo Dress . There is another box with a free male tee, and a cute shoulder pet is pictured on the wall.
In the other picture I´m wearing the new dollarbie Woolen Love White sweater by HOP SCOTCH (3 layers). That´s a limited time offer and will be there until February 20th! This sexy sweater is located at the back wall in the girl’s clothing vendor. Will be some of my favourites, too! In the future you will find monthly dollarbies here but only for a few days. So come back often and watch out.

The sweater goes great with the INARI skirt and belt, I matched the two items with Ada shoes No 2 and G.L.A.M. Metallic Tights and again with TRUTH´s Izzy, but this time in my favorite color silver dark.

At POCHETTE are three freebies sitting on a table: nepknit socks (5 colors, 3 sizes), unisex freebag with baggy jeans, military jacket, double jacker, vest inner white, vest inner black and cotton vest as well as a box with camo tanks. Camo, vest inner black and cotton vest I´m showing in the pictures (thumbs).

The red belt is the red heart hipbelt 1 which is part of DB Desings Happy Valentine gift.There are also heels, heart tassle necklace/bracelet/earrings and bags. EDIT: No longer available for free at DB Designs store. You have to join FashCon Group to get these items.

Do a search in groups for the group called Fashion Consolidated. (When I do a group search I use the phrase fashion consolidated and it is the 1st choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 02/14/2008 with the subject Happy Valentins Ladies!. Click Open Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a box with db Happy Valentines Gifts from DB Designs. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives.

inareskirtbelt.jpgInare petInare DB heart belt HopScotch love sweaterHpScotch sweater backInare Pochette camo

FabFree RedGothSkin by Cher (0L)

FabFree, Talisman 230/192/24

Inare Uniqolo Black Dress, free tee, shoulder pet (0L)

INARE, JapanMall,Stratus 81/50/36

HeartTassle Necklace, RedHeart hipbelt 1 (FashCon Gift, o L)

DB Designs, La Reina 177/233/24

Ada shoes No2 white colored to darker red (0L)

ADA Store, Fontaine 39/104/52

NepKnit Socks, camo pink, vest inner black, cotton vest (0 L)

POCHETTE, Shinsaibashi 112/216/38

Hair Izzy in burgundy dark/silver dark (0 L, OVER)

TRUTH, Sweet Sorrow 106/121/26

Woolen Love White Sweater (1 L)Fab Hazel

HOP SCOTCH, Doomaekkot 114/119/41

Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights (1 L)

G.L.A.M., Viva La Glam 110/104/24

Author: hsm


10 thoughts on “I`m a FabFree GOTHY girl made by INARI/HOP SCOTCH/POCHETTE/DBDesigns

  1. Hazel you are so sweet. 🙂


  2. I could not find free Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights at G.L.A.M., and the Izzy hair at Truth was not free, it was L$200. 😦

    Was I looking in the wrong place? Can anyone tell me where they are in the shops?

    And I’ll say it again, I LOVE this skin!!

    Princess Ivory


  3. The hair was free for Truth’s Rez Day celebration.

    The tights were there about a month ago. The store may have changed their freebie since.


  4. fabulous getup and skin! keep it up!


  5. I was not able to find big Hart in DB Desings x(
    Possibly the gift finished…


  6. Hi all and thanks for your comments!

    Credit where credit is due, Cher! 🙂

    Unfortunately I didn´t mention that Truth`s hair freebie has changed to the normal price, I´m sorry. I will look up, promised!

    The Metallic Lycra Tights are still there for almost free (1 L), I checked it out right now! Make sure you step into the GLAM shop, there´s a big “GLAM” sign outside the store (maybe you went into Glamour Republic next to GLAM).

    Well, the big heart at DB Designs is gone …. but if you join Fashion Consolidated group you can still find it in the archives and for free!
    It´s dated 2/14/2008 Happy Valentines Ladies! with attached box “db Happy Valentines”. And I checked this out right now, too 🙂


  7. What about the NepKnit Socks? I could not get the SLURL to work, and went to the shop but could not find them.


  8. SLURL works now, all 3 freebies are still there on the table.


  9. Hazel – You are the Best! You have allowed me to be well dressed for no lindens! Love ya!


  10. My pleasure, Smoltering!

    I wonna be loved by you, by you .. nobody else but you :-);-)