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Take your ELEGANCE HAT and go for a hunt at LA REINA

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This funny sign (and 3 other different signs) I´ve found at the hunt at LA REINA. The sign is part of the gift from D!FF which is including the cute SCHWEET HEARTS TEE, I´m wearing in the pincture.

La Reina Schweet Tee D!ffVeschi La Reina

La Reina Hunt will last until February, 17th. Find the hearts with great presents made by the designers of LaReina. The hearts are pink, sometimes tiny, well hidden and you have to look hard. If you find one, buy it for 1 Linden. I wasn´t able to find all the hidden hearts because of not enough time and bad lag. Hope you have better luck than I do.

What I found are 4 beautiful skins (Thalia, Euterpe, Melpomene- all Another Skin CF0 mod, Another Papillon by mela´s) by , Willow in Plum with matching clutch from Shapes by Kira, Round And Abouton Rose by VESCHI, Valentine Silks from QC Designs and the mentioned goodies by D!FF.La Reine Euterpe SkinMelpomene Skin La ReinaThalia Skin La ReinaAnother Papillon Skin by mela`s La Reina
The little Elegance Hat I´ve found at ELEGANCE HATS for free. It´s located inside the store on a small table. If you are a hat addict check out the store, there are another beautiful and unexpensive hats.

Elegance HatSilks QC La ReinaWillow Dress La ReinaWillow Dress chocker clutch La Reina

Skins “Vivi” (Another skin LF0 mod):

Thalia, Euterpe, Melpomene (hunt gift, 1 L a skin)

La Reina 201/125/23

Skin Another Papillon by mela`s (hunt gift, 1 L)

mela`s, La Reina 150/134/24

Elegance hat (Valentins Freebie o L)

Elegance Hats, Ivalde 59/126/35

4 Valentine signs, Schweet Hearts Tee (hunt gift, 0 L)

D!FF Main, La Reina 199/135/24

Willow in Plum Dress (hunt gift 1 L)

Shapes by Kira, La Reina 147/219/24

Round And Abouton Rose (hunt gift 1 L)

Veschi Main, La Reina 207/177/24

VDay Silks (hunt gift 1 L)Fab Hazel

QC Designs, La Reina 201/26/23

Black Stiletto Boots (group gift o L)

Blaze, Blaze 68/125/53

ADA shoes No 2 red, black (o L)

ADA Store, Fontaine 39/104/50

Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights (0 L)

G.L.A.M., Viva La Glam 110/104/24

Red hot pants (part of Artilleri Ingrid group gift 0 L)

Artilleri, Artilleri 92/123/26

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One thought on “Take your ELEGANCE HAT and go for a hunt at LA REINA

  1. Thanks Hazel for sending me to La Reina! While there I stumbled into a tent on the beach filled with freebies http://slurl.com/secondlife/La%20Reina/120/117/24 – you might want to check it out next time you’re in the area. I’m still looking for the cute t-shirt you’re wearing!