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Quickie: BLUEBELL brings a floral touch to DONNA LULU and TALISMAN


Bluebell free KANDICEBLUEBELL has opened a new branch at Grafton Plaza. There I have found the amazing floral KANDICE Dress which is for free still today (according to the notecard).

I matched it with shoes in pink/black by DONNA LULU, which I have won on a Lucky Chair at the store. There are a lot of Lucky Chairs!

The cute necklace I´m wearing is from a Lucky Chair, too. It´s the sculpted heart choker Romance by TALISMAN.

Hurry up to get the KANDICE Dress and good luck with the chairs!

Talisman necklace lucky chairDonna Lulu shoes Lucky Chair

Cher`s RezDay Skin (Updated, group gift o L)

Talisman 230/192/24

KANDICE Dress (0 L)

Bluebell & Grafton Plaza, Odessa Luxurious 175/172/22

Necklace sculpted heart choker ROMANCE (lucky chair o L)

Talisman, Talisman 189/81/28

DONNA LULU shoes Mod 108/Pto/Pink (lucky chair 0 L)

Snallygaster 40/190/79

Author: hsm


18 thoughts on “Quickie: BLUEBELL brings a floral touch to DONNA LULU and TALISMAN

  1. The Kandice dress is on a display board in the front window of the shop. The display board says it costs L$150, but if you click on it to buy it, as of today 2/13/08, it is only L$0.


  2. I’m not accusing anyone here of theft; let me get that straight. I recognize the texture on this dress as being one from http://www.fatstrawberry.com/content/world_6.shtml

    if you’ll go look at the faq page it will give the license terms. there are other textures from that site that I also recognize as being available in Second Life.


  3. We don’t know if they have a license or not. Hazel was just reporting the freebie here. There is a part in the license that reads:

    “If you are creating a piece of graphical art using the texture you do not need to put the link in the item’s description field or read-me unless you particularly want to as long as the site hosting the item has a link to The Fat Strawberry *somewhere* where visitors can find it!”

    For all we know this is a legit holder of the license that does have a link to this site somewhere as stated.


  4. I thought of something else. You said you have seen these textures in SL. There are people who make a business of selling textures. I wonder if there is someone in game selling these as textures to be used in business. If this is the case, the designer may not be aware that this content has a license.


  5. That’s what I’m worried about the most; that content creators might have paid for this and there not be some link back to the site per the license.


  6. This would be an issue to bring to the content creator’s attention or the designer’s attention. I am not sure if this shop has a website to link to Fat Strawberry. In the same respect, I know that many designers also use http://www.3dmd.net without giving proper citations as well.


  7. I informed the original texture creator @ Fat Strawberry that her works were being used in Second Life. How she deals with it from there is her concern. Later I’m going to go through other SL based forums and blogs and inform them. I think you would agree that content theft is a serious issue, and that honest content creators, no matter what their medium is, shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of punishment for those dishonest and sneaky enough to steal somebody’s work for personal profit.


  8. totally aside from the texture issue I brought up, that is a cute dress 😀


  9. I have that texture in my inventory… I got in a freebie pack when I was new.


  10. Like I said, the designer may have gotten this in a pack of textures in game and not realize they have a license agreement.


  11. I have reported this dress and would like to say a few words but don´t get me wrong, please! I would prefer to express various doubts about texture or similar things not in public. We could use IM in this case. Speculate about the designer casts a bad light on him/her, although he/she is perhaps entirely innocent.If someone is really guilty, you can still go to publish it.
    Just my 2 cents.Thanks for reading.


  12. Hi, I’m the creator of Kandice, I got the texture in SL way back in April or May of last year. I cannot remember where I got it. But it was free, and with full permissions.

    There was nothing about a licence agreement. I just happened to like it, and use it in making a dress.


  13. Found it!

    The texture can be found at:- Harbinger’s Haven Sandbox
    and is called:- FA – Asian Kalaidescope

    Not sure if it’s still available there.
    If need be I will take Kandice down from the shop. I do not want to get involved with content thieft.


  14. No need to take it down; as it reads to me, the texture is okay to use as long as credit is given to the original creator.


  15. Hazel; the reason I make it public is so that nobody gets burned because of ignorance. Me, I’m just looking to have the creators of anything credited, ackgnowledged. By working together to combat lawlessness we can make Second Life a better place for us to work and play together.


  16. I think what Hazel meant was rather than replying to the blog here it would have been more agreeable to contact the designer in Second Life through IM or notecard and let her know the circumstances about the fabric texture. Ana Lutetia is a reliable source. She says these textures are a freebie pack. This means these textures are all over Second Life and to single out one designer for using something she was under the impression was allowable can damage her creditability and her business.


  17. my problem is I have seen licensed textures all over, and from what I’ve seen they aren’t credited. It’s because the textures apparently weren’t credited when uploaded as straight textures and then either bought by or taken by legit creators that I’m even bringing this subject up. I’m not trying to disparage anyone. I’m just concerned for creators and don’t want any legitimate creators to end up being called out by the original texture creators for something they didn’t know about.


  18. Yes, they are all over. Which means, you could have gotten the name of the texture “creator” on SL by IMing Roxette. It is easy enough to look at and use that information to inform people that those textures are under license rather than singling her out. You could have tried to work with her privately before going to a public forum.