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New DEVILISH CUPCAKE makes me feel a different person

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I received a notice that DEVILISH CUPCAKE is back with a new theme, a lot of hot and great stuff, new items in the Lucky Chair and last but not least new freebies. Check it all out, you will like it just as me.DC JellyBellFullSet

3 freebie boxes are sitting on the ground next to the Lucky Chair: JellyBellFullSet, Board4 with capris and baby doll top and NonsensePink. NonsensePink comes in red and blue, too, with shirt, skirt, skirt bottom, tights, matching bangles and earrings. Board4 box contains fairy capris with cuffs and matching babydoll tops with shoulder straps. In the picture I´m wearing ripe banana and grape koolaid. I felt in love with these colors. JellyBellFullSet comes with pants, skirt, skirt bottom and tops in pink, blue and purple.

DC NonsensePinkDC Board4 caprisDC accessoires

JellyBellFullSet, Board4, NonsensePink (0 linden)

DC DEVILISH CUPCAKE Roller Disco, Talana 150/99/60

Ada Shoes No3 in white, red, black (0 linden)

ADA Store, Fontaine 39/104/50
Fab Hazel

Author: hsm


One thought on “New DEVILISH CUPCAKE makes me feel a different person

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