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FasCon Show Off


FashCon FreeDayYesterday was the best day EVER for freebies. I want to THANK all of the fabulous designers who participated in yesterday’s event making it a historical day for freebies. You are all fantastic. Unfortunately some people forgot their Freebie Etiquette that just had a heated discussion here two weeks ago. I want the designers to know that these people did not speak for the majority of us who full appreciated all the fabulous gifts yesterday. One tip for the newer designers, please give us a landmark in those boxes so we can come to visit and shop at your stores.

So, you decided to take the day off and found out that you missed FreeDay. Don’t Worry! You still have time for many of the items because some of the designers sent their gift directly to the FashCon Group. Do a search in groups for the group called Fashion Consolidated. (When I do a group search I use the phrase fashion consolidated and it is the top choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Go to the one dated 1/30/2008. Go to the any of these notices with a box attachment. Click Open Attachment. Do this for each box. You are now the proud owner of boxes that contain goodies from popular designers all over Second Life. Be sure to grab them all before they expire. So hurry!

FashCon FreeDayFashCon FreeDayFashCon FreeDayFashCon FreeDay

FashCon FreeDayFashCon FreeDayFashCon FreeDay

Alienbear: Ai Love Necklace($0L freeday gift)

Bonita’s Jewelry: Antique Wrap Perl Necklace($0L freeday gift)

Callie Cline: denim dark black jeans($0L freeday gift)

CKS Designs: Swing Sweater -0 blue($0L freeday gift)

Crimson + Clover: Yoko – chocolate($0L freeday gift)

Ginc: Sheer Latex Mini-Dress($0L freeday gift)
Roma Antiqua(34,22,24)

JetDoll: Cubbies Necklace($0L freedaygift)

MM Skins: Freebie Skin($0L freeday gift in store)
Glam World(96,179,23)

Punch Drunk: Glam Rock Dress($0L freeday gift)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: FashCon Rez Day Dress, Eyes, Nails, Stripey Socks($0L freeday gift), Eve Shape($1L)

Tesla: Black Mary Janes($0L)

Unique Needs: FashCon Rocks Necklace($0L freedaygift)
Total Cost: $1L

Fab Cherlindrea

5 thoughts on “FasCon Show Off

  1. What happened re: freebie etiquette?


  2. Some of the places I went to there were people complaining right there in front of the designer about the lag, the method they were giving out their freebies and more. As everyone knows, no one likes lag. The designers do not get up one day and decide they are going to lag their sim to annoy customers so complaining to them about it is just silly and rude.


  3. Yes, the freebie etiquette was really horrible in some places. OMG, I wanted to shake some sense into them. But, the majority of us were very grateful to the designers, so that is good ^^ *hugs to the designers*

    And + omg, I’ll be inventory sorting for months now. T_T


  4. I had a blast trying to keep up with the notices popping up every few minutes. I also enjoyed visiting some shops I had never been in before. All those freebies were a great sampling of some awesome work, and I know I found some new places to spend my hard earned L’s! Great work everyone in FashCon!


  5. I witnessed a near brawl because there were a limited number of free items given out. The people who didn’t get anything were VERY rude and I felt terrible for the designer. I respect and admire her work and sent an im letting her know that despite all the complaining most of us appriciate what she did. I believe in the end everyone who showed up got the item for free but it is sad that there was so much attitude about an item that they were getting for free. I can’t believe that people complain about free items. I saw another girl complain somewhere about the color of the item…sigh. For god sake it’s free! If you don’t like it say thank you and delete it.