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Fashion Consolidated Rez Day Freebie Madness


Today is the RezDay for the Fashion Consolidated group. Today has been declared FashCon Free Day which means that all day designers will be either giving out freebies or giving out locations of freebies. This is an all day event so if you are not a member of this huge group, now is your chance to join.

To Join:
Do a search in groups for the group called Fashion Consolidated. (When I do a group search I use the phrase fashion consolidated and it is the top choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Go to the any of the notices with a box attachment. Click Open Attachment. Do this for each box. You are now the proud owner of boxes that contain goodies from popular designers all over Second Life. Be sure to grab them all before they expire. So hurry!

The Rules:
There is no chatter allowed on the group IMs unless it is related to a notice that just went out from a designer. All other idle chatter will not be tolerated in this group. If you want to chat fashion then you need to join the sister group called Fashion Consolidate Cafe.

10 thoughts on “Fashion Consolidated Rez Day Freebie Madness

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  2. Ok – I am reminding myself I am thankful for designer gifts – really thankful – thank you thank you thank you – but… maybe next year a FashCon Free festival that lasts a week? So everyone doesn’t show up at every place all at once. And maybe try to avoid rolling restart day? On the plus side if we don’t break SL today we probably won’t! In a way this is actually fun – I’ve been booted off Sl several times – refused entry into mutiple full sims – and yet I’m going to try try again. I’m going to hold my breath and dive back in now!

    Cover me – I’m going in


  3. Today might also be a good day to recommend the low lag shopping avie at Zada http://slurl.com/secondlife/Talisman/84/140/24 which is right around the corner from the Fab Free head quarters. It’s a super simple avie in jet black which rezzes really fast and lets you flit around crowded places while everyone else is waiting for their pants to rezz. I couldn’t leave well enough alone and added ears and a tail to mine so if you see a featureless black cat lady zipping around wave and say hi – that’s me. Unfortunately I don’t remember if it’s free or not but it’s a good idea so I thought I should mention it.


  4. The problem I had is with the people grumbling in front of the designers when they got to the location. People need to remember these items are free. I heard one person actually have the nerve to tell one designer that everyone should have sent them as an attachment. I was like, remember freebie etiquette please. I found that very rude. This was one of the most generous days in SL EVER and people were complaining. It was embarrassing.


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  6. Oh my GOODNESS! What a great day to be a part of the FashCon group! Did anybody count how many wonderful designers gave out free treasures?

    I did: there were ELEVENTY BILLION!!!


  7. I thought this was absolutely wonderful, though I totally agree with Cherlindrea Lamont about behavior, though it seems unavoidable, I know in my group I try to stress it (since I do a freeb/etc. group).

    I really enjoyed myself and hope others did too, I found a ton of new stores I never knew before and plan on going back. Thanks to all for posting and doing this, it made it great. :3


  8. i loved it , i have so so many gifts i still havent unpacked yet.
    and yes some of these people were just extremly rude complaining and whining about being pushed. welll hello there were around 100 people at each new location, i even said stop whining this is the push day as
    well. lol.

    thank you so much for making this possible. i cant even imagine how much work that had to be.



  9. Wow – what was that? I can´t still believe what happened 🙂 Magnificent!
    I didn´t count the gifts but I certainly know that my inventory is totally overstuffed and chaotic *lol*
    I went to sleep around 3 a.m. and today I`ve still collected great gifts. I love them all, thanks 🙂

    Still breathless with joy and very grateful!


  10. I’m so glad you all enjoyed FashCon FreeDay! It was just a crazy idea the night before to celebrate the group Fashion Consolidated’s rezday and I was so pleased so many designers joined in. It was a crazy day! I’ve asked designers for traffic reports and most report arrivals of 100+ designers right after the notice was sent – and that’s over maybe 2-300 sims. Sorry LL! Thanks too to Cherlindrea for the coverage here. Look out for more FashCond FreeDays again sometime – check the Fashion Consolidated website at http://fashcon.com – although I’m not sure we can top yesterday 🙂 Thank you all for participating! Honey