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Come on Baby, light my FIREFLIES!


My inventory is overcrowded, but I could not resist when I heard that some items around FF Fireflies Boutique were lowered to 1 Linden.

The wall with 1 Linden items is right to your landingpoint. Preferably, I would have bought everything …. well, here is a small selection. All dresses are really great! And not just those who are reduced!

SADIE, a cute polka-dot dress – CHLOE, a white with grey lace dress – EDEN, a sexy short black dress with lace and COSETTE, which comes with the pictured asymmetric skirt and a very short skirt, too. Each dress 1 Linden.

The purple dress called Francesca comes with short and medium skirt, with trim and without, short and medium pants and is a group gift as well as the pink dress named Lei Lei (mini skirt prim and long skirt included). Touch the subscribe-o-matic (it is the easel) inside Fireflies Boutique, touch again and choose history, option 1 and 2 (there are 6 options, I hope I remember correctly!)

Hurry up if you like the dresses and grab it while you can! I don´t know how long they still have to be.

Timeless Base Skin 4 Freckles (0 Linden group gift)

ASHIA DESIGNS Morels 194/116/66

Dress: Sadie, Chloe, Eden, Cosette (1 Linden each)

Dress: Francesca, Lei Lei (0 Linden group gifts)

FIREFLIES BOUTIQUE, La Reina 176/196/24

Black Ballet Flats (1 Linden)

AL DESIGN STUDIOS, Quest II 136/112/21

Hair Wolf in black NOT FOR FREE, read here

Sadie Dress FirefliesChloe Dress FirefliesEden Dress FirefliesCosette Dress FirefliesPurple Dress Fireflies asymPurple Dress trim FirefliesLei Lei Dress FirefliesFab Hazel

Author: hsm


4 thoughts on “Come on Baby, light my FIREFLIES!

  1. ummm… this was blogged by Cherlindrea just a few weeks ago.


  2. This is true but she featured completely different outfits as me so it is a really good reminder of what is available there.



  3. Ooops – I didn´t notice that Cherlindrea blogged this.
    Maybe other people didnt´t notice that, too? Well, it´s a reminder and I added the subscribe-o-matic because there are free group gifts.


  4. my apologies, then.