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The Pink House for Your Convience


How many times have you gotten your freebie or dollarbie in a box but did not have a place to unpack? How often do you need to change in a more private setting but do not own a place of your own for private changes? The owners of 100Limite sim and admin of the Portuguese blog Get a Second Life have your solution. They have designed a safe haven for the ladies (sorry, guys) called The Pink House. Cat Magellan showed me around the area.

The Pink House

The Pink House - the MirrorAs part of a beautiful sky garden, the outside area has a pose stand for adjustments and a scenic sitting area. Inside the Pink House there are 2 fashion pose stands and a 180 pose stand for adjustments. While inside make sure you click on the mirror.

You: Mirror, how does this look?
KNELLER MIRROR: Cherlindrea Lamont, you have the sweetest lips and you know it.
You: thank you

So it didn’t answer the question but at least it is a nice confidence boost. 😀

Important: Please remember to pick up your boxes when you are done so that you are not taking up all the prim for others that would like to use this area as well. You don’t know how to pick up your box? Right click on the box, select take.

The Pink House - Cat & Cher

The Pink House:

Items worn in this blog are from Free Speeirt Versitile Gift from earlier today.

3 thoughts on “The Pink House for Your Convience

  1. You “forgot” to mention that you contributed wuth the hundred-poses stand! 😉 Thank you very much for publishing the Pink House. 🙂


  2. This is such a fantastic idea! I love it! Thank you for sharing!


  3. how exciting to see one of my “love shacks” used for this cute place!!!

    my eyes opened up and i smiled when i saw it!!!

    so cute!



    p.s. i love your blog.