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I´m VANILLA DESIGNS from tip to toe


Reading the tip hotline today I found a post from Vanny (Vanilla Vought) the designer und shopowner from VANILLA DESIGNS. Freebies and a lot of other stuff all under 100 linden sounds good to me. Last but not least Vanny wrote she loves our blog – so I caught head over heels the next tp to the store and found myself in heaven. Well, take a look at the pictures.


There were boxes with sculptied chains for left and right hand, scultpy hats (olive plaid, red plaid, jeans plaid), Happy New Year Heels Pack (gold and silver), french manicure (hand, feet), black gothic hair (short, long), body oil, poohh tanktop and if you missed an xmas-outfit grab the Miss Xmas box. All for free!

vanillasentaury.jpgAnd don´t forget the free Sentaury Outfit – it´s lovely, I like the pants very much. I matched it with the free xmas-heels in silver.

Because I´m skin addicted (how does it come, oooh?) i bought a demo of the soft Vanny Skin (comes in ocean, forest, pinky, danger, natural eye make up) and felt in love with it. Skins are located on the second floor, take the tp.

Before I left the shop I had to grab the cute neko teddy and take a seat in one of the very comfortable chairs. Just mediate for 45 minutes and get a giftcard worth 50 linden, great deal!

What more can I say? Take a look around, see all the beautiful low priced stuff – enjoy the freebies and if you´re really broken take a seat to get a giftcard.


And THANK YOU to all designers all over SL for the gifts they offer to us!

Skin: Soft Vanny Skin Demo (1 linden)

Hair: Gothic Hair (black, short and long) (0 linden)

French Manicure hand and feet ( 0 linden )

Hat: Sculpty hat in olive-red-jeans plaid (0 linden)

Clothes: Poohhh Tanktop (0 linden) – Sentaury Outfit (0 linden)

Shoes: Happy New Year Heels Pack, silver and gold (0 linden)

Teddy: Sweet Neko Teddy (0 linden)

Bracelet: Sculptied chains bracelet for right and left hand (0 linden)


Cherlindrea Edit: The hair shown is called Chu from Kin which you can purchase for $100L a color at Eventide South(110,220,28)

Fab Hazel

Author: hsm


12 thoughts on “I´m VANILLA DESIGNS from tip to toe

  1. After reading that yesterday I headed on over there. WOW I don’t remember how much I spent but it was all worth it. I have it marked as my new favorite place to shop.

  2. That hair looks a **lot** like Kin’s chu hair…..

  3. Yes, Hazel is new at spotting stolen items. I am sending her the pictures from those styles. This hairstyle is called Chu and you can buy it at secondlife://Eventide%20South/110/220/28/ for $100L a color with many colors to choose from.

    The problem that new freebie hunters run into is they do not realize that all of that hair is in fact stolen and neither do the shop owners given it away, I use the blog on Savoir Hair about stolen hair as a guideline to avoid stolen hair and will pass on the information to the other writers. The blog is http://savoirhair.blogspot.com/2007/06/hair-thieves.html

  4. I sent a message to the designer with a link to that website as well.

  5. Hair is by Kin Keiko, skin looks like it is from Another Skin. Alot of ppl are buying full perm products that have been stolen on slexchange with full perms and reselling, some of them not realizing that they are stolen. Regardless, id think best policy would be to make everything yourself.

  6. This entry has no SLurls. Did you take them down because of this hair issue?

  7. Hmm, hmm, we already established that the hair was from Kin and where people can go buy it in game if you read the comments. As for the skins, everyone is doing takes on the Another Skins so those are not an issue. If you want to know more about what you can do with Another Skins you should check out http://anotherfundraiser.blogspot.com and participate. I am participating. If we were to make everything ourselves you guys wouldn’t look too good.

  8. Janet, the slurl is there it is the spacing that might be confusing:

    The Chu hair can be purchased at Kin for $100L a color at:
    http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eventide%20South/110/220/28/ for $100L

  9. I think you misunderstood me. I was referring to shop owners that buy full perm items and resell them in their shops not knowing if the items are stolen or not, therefore would be better and safer to simply make all the items you sell in your shop yourself. Its the whole taking credit for someone else’s work that bothers me. Regardless, the shop above looks like it has some nice items. This blog is great keep up the good work, the comment wasnt meant to offend, more to express my dismay.

  10. Ahhh, okay. For designers who are giving out Business in a Box items as freebies there are some ways to check if the are stolen. With this hair I believe for many of them the creator listed is Phillip Replacement. Also pretty much any photosourced male skin out there full perm is a rip of Naughty Designs so don’t give that out either.

  11. Ah! Thank you, Cherlindrea. 🙂

  12. TYVM Cherlindrea for your fast IM you sent me. I fixed all tytyty again for letting me know about this shit. As said, friend gave it to me, as he was the designer, listened as the designer as well. Nice that you think a friend would be a friend and then you figure out what an a**h*** 😦

    @ Hmm: My skins are own made, made with my own templates and templates from SL (the clothing designer templates and alphas) + templates which are free for used and checked = free for use from the “real” designer.

    I hate ppl who mean to steal ppls work, and I run behind them, kicking their a**es always, cause they tried it with my work too and that tooo often. One reason why I made my items no mod/copy/no transfer. That will never save designer work in SL I think, but it’s less risky.

    I hope LL will work out their polices soon to get more support from them.
    No clue how often I needed to handle with dump a**es who meant to ripp me off. And yes that’s another reason why I would never purchase an BIB item or whatever. It’s a shame DEF. !!!

    Also that’s why I like this blog here. It shows places for new residents which aren’t full with all the BIB items where you never know where it comes/came from.

    Aje Cherlindrea, ty for the URL to the website again.
    I saved it and it’s awesome that these ppl stay together to listen all the products which are stolen. Also saw the site Naughty Designs offers. If anyone has the URL for it again, pls let me know about. I forgot to save it to my favorites.

    And I got tuns of questions again, why I price my items as I do.
    Easy answer: I never wanted to spend thousands of L$ in SL, cause I’m one of the ppl who can use RL money for more than SL. Also I love to design things. If I can do some photopainting and grafics I’m always happy cause I can relax … getting away from real stress etc. OK, custom work is higher priced, for sure, for example if I make a special skin for someone I won’t sell in my store. But that’s another thing. Item’s I offer at my store are a bit to share. Yes, let us be true, we all, every designer, is happy to get the paiments for land etc. in and I’m happy for it too. I earn enouth to live easy in SL (1024 swq for home + land for store) and that’s it. Others want to use SL for real business, or better to say, to earn some money for real. Ok their opinion and their way they want to go, but that isn’t my way.


    And, well, she is and was right !!!


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