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Martini-Dress brings you luck at K & K


I picked up a tip from Moontan Valeeva – thank you! – and tped over to K & K fine quality and Prism Haute Couture.

At the landing point right in front of you is the box with the free Martini-Girl Dress and the box with highheels for free, too.

If you don´t see it: make one or two steps forward …… are you stumbled? Awww, sorry, but now you have found the freebie boxes *smiles* If you really can´t find the freebies feel free to leave a comment or IM me inworld – I will always lend you a helping hand *smiles again*.

The Martini-Girl Dress comes with shirt, skirt, pants and stockings and it fits very well! The shoes are awesome good, I usually prefer flats but this pair of highheels I will wear as often as it is possible.

All dresses, boots, highheels and so on in this store are very amazing but you will need a good pocketful of lindens to buy them. Nevertheless, take a look around – the items are worth to be seen!

Well, if you´ve catched the two freebies turn around – the boxes are now at your backfront – and go straight away. Do you see the picture located on the backwall ? Black background and blue questionsmarks? Okay, this is a game, all you need are time and luck. Guess behind which questionmark is the same picture hidden as shown? Click any questionsmark you want and if you are right you are the winner of a dress or shoes or boots or anything else what is been shown. – My prize was a pair of boots (pictured)Martini Dress shoes boots. Wooohooo – they also looks great! Good luck for you all!

Martini-Girl Dress (0 linden)

KK Hinata High Heels (0 linden)

KK Buckle Boots electric blue gold (prize 0 linden)

K & K Fine Quality

(Total cost: 0 linden)

Author: hsm


6 thoughts on “Martini-Dress brings you luck at K & K

  1. These are last wek freebies. Now they have red overknee boots and another outfit (I crasehd, can’t check what :o)

    Thnx for this great website btw!!!


  2. Weeks*


  3. Hi, Xandra!

    You´re right, freebies have been changed. At the time of my post the Martini-Girl Dress was still the free item. Sorry!
    Maybe you can win it on this question mark-wall 🙂


  4. hy all

    im the shop owner and create rof this stuff
    a little missunderstooding is standing by the description
    the martini dressa dn the heels was a weekly free giveaway (not direct freebie after a week it get to sale)
    i change this every week against another free shoe and dress
    i change it every week because have everytime the same is boring 🙂
    at the moment it gives red overknee boots and french twist dress
    all is special made for one week free and then for sale so not normal freebie you will find around only for short time and very week a newone.
    normal change time is thursday or friday
    greets kakaue


  5. Kakaue, I hope people haven’t been bugging you because that goes against Freebie Etiquette.

    As we have posted in the FAQ for those that missed out on the item:
    “Many freebies are time sensitive. Sometimes that item might be available for a month, week, few days, or even a few hours.——-It happens. No use crying over something you weren’t going to pay for anyways.”

    They should be grateful that you have another nice free item in its place.


  6. hy cherlindrea

    na peoples didnt bugging me only i am much in my shop and meeted much and many asked where they are and that everybody know it changed every week i posted it here.
    and all was then very happy with the new boot its also a nice one.
    and 99% of the peoples wich read this blog are really kind and sweet one 1% didnt regreet lool
    but everybody is still welcome in my shop and to pic up all free give aways